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Shroud of the Avatar Updte Available
A new update for Shroud of the Avatar is available

Shroud of the Avatar Puts Out Release 13

Shroud of the Avatar developers Portalarium is on vacation for the holidays. Regardless, a new update, dubbed Release 13, for the game has just been released.

On the game’s website, Portalarium let out some of the details on what players can expect in the new Shroud of the Avatar Release 13. There will be new houses and decorations, including room dividers and hedges. There will be 16 new skills, including the first Chaos magic spell. There will be new consumable crafting recipes, new creatures, and new Desert Scenes. There will be combat balancing, making it so melee fighters are not so overpowered. There will also be a Grand Tour Quest for Release 13, which is meant to guide players through the new content. To celebrate the holidays, those who complete the Grand Quest Tour will receive the Yule Hat.

Being released in an episodic system, Shroud of the Avatar is a third-person RPG with MMO elements. The game has a single-player offline mode with over 40 hours of play set in an interactive world where the player’s choices have consequence. The game has selective multiplayer, where players can go through the story online where they can play with everyone in a single world. There is a classless skill system with multiple skills and spells in over 20 different skill trees. The game features PvP with Open PvP flags, zones, and Guild Warfare. The economy is player driven, as there is a deep crafting system where the best items are created by players, and player items are the main source of loot found in the game. Shroud of the Avatar has no subscription, as players purchase the game once and do not have to pay after that. Everything in the game can be bought with in-game currency.

Shroud of the Avatar will be available on PC. The game is currently available on Steam Early Access, seen here.

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