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Dota 2: Abyssal Underlord, Arc Warden and, Winter Wyvern coming this year

Dota 2 already features well over 100 heroes to choose from, but there are still a few missing and it’s pretty much guaranteed that they will be added later this year. After the release of Techies and Oracle in late 2014, there are now only three unreleased heroes left from the original DotA roster. Valve is planning to also introduce a few brand new heroes at some point, but Abyssal Underlord, Arc Warden, and Winter Wyvern from the original game are likely to be added first. While we don’t know in which order they will be added or even if they will retain their initial names, we do know a little something about their abilities. It’s not certain that Abyssal Underlord, Arc Warden, and Winter Wyvern will transfer to Dota 2 with all their original abilities, but overall they should be more or less similar to the original ones.

Dota 2 Abyssal Underlord

Valve is reportedly changing the name of Azgalor the Pitlord to Abyssal Underlord as it prepares to add him to the game. This is a strength hero with two AoE direct damage spells in the form of Firestorm and Pit of Malice. In DotA Azgalor also had a third AoE spell called Expulsion, but in Dota 2 Valve is replacing it with a passive Atrophy Aura, which causes nearby enemies to lose a portion of their damage. As for his ultimate, Abyssal Underlord is capable of teleporting himself and all nearby allies to another location on the map. This ability is global and can only be cast on a friendly hero. In DotA, as well as in Dota 2, Azgalor’s ultimate goes by the name of Dark Rift.

Dota 2 Arc Warden

Moving on, we have Zet, the Arc Warden who is rumored to be the first unreleased hero to be added to Dota 2. Zet is an agility hero with a nifty slowing and damaging spell called Flux and the Magnetic Field buff, which grants 100% evasion and increased attack speed to both allied heroes and building. The Arc Warden is also able to summon a Spark Wraith that fuses into an approaching enemy hero and damages him. Zet’s ultimate in Dota 2 will be identical to the one he had in DotA assuming that nothing changes in the meantime. His ultimate is called Tempest Double and allows the Arc Warden to create a perfect duplicate of himself for a limited amount of time, likely 20 seconds. This clone is able to use all spells and currently equipped items, so you’ll basically be playing with two heroes at once.

Dota 2 Winter Wyvern

Finally, the third unreleased heroe that should make its way to Dota 2 at some point later this year is Auroth, the Winter Wyvern. An Intelligence hero, Auroth comes equipped with a couple of spells that are excellent at damaging and slowing down enemies. The Q spell, Arctic Burn, also increases the attack range and movement speed of the Winter Wyvern for a few seconds while his W ability called Splinter Blast damages and slows enemies close to the initial target. The Winter Wyvern is not only about attack though, as his Cold Embrace ability also makes him valuable as a support unit since he can make an allied hero invulnerable to physical damage for the duration of the spell. In addition, Cold Embrace also heals the ally hero. Auroch’s Winter’s Curse ultimate in Dota 2 will be identical to the one you know from DotA. Specifically, the Winter Wyvern freezes an enemy hero and places a curse on him, which compels all of the said hero’s allies to uncontrollably attack him for up to 3 seconds.

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