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Dota 2 kicks off an explosive new year at ESL One Genting.

Dota 2 Kicks Off 2017 With ESL One Genting

Not even a week has passed yet in 2017, but the first major Dota 2 tournament is already well underway. At ESL One Genting, eight of the world’s finest Dota 2 teams are competing for a total prize pool of $250,000. Virtus Pro, Fnatic, Newbee, Team NP, Digital Chaos, Execration, Wings Gaming and WG Unity are fiercely competing. The games will run through 8 January, and the final day will start at 10:00 MYT on the official ESL Dota 2 channel.


The eight teams at ESL One Genting are split in two groups. Virtus Pro, Fnatic, Newbee and NP. VP took their first match against Fnatic but lost 1-2 to Newbee. At the time of writing, Fnatic and NP are still facing off to determine who will go up against Virtus Pro. DC, Execration, Wings Gaming and WG Unity are all in Group B. DC has plowed through the winner’s bracket and only lost a map to Wings Gaming. Execration or WG Unity will play Wings Gaming to determine which team plays DC.


Aside from being an exciting event, ESL One Genting is also the first major tournament where the best teams get to showcase their performance on the new patch, 7.01. With hero changes, changes to the level system, changes to the map and a new hero, the Monkey King, the meta is shifting rapidly and the game itself plays differently. In addition to these changes, many of the teams have had significant roster changes in the past few months, so expect a lot of surprises and exciting plays at ESL One Genting. Tune in to support your favorite team, learn about the new patch, or if you’re new to Dota, get a feel for what it’s all about.


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