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Three gaimg headsets are compared
A comparison between three great gaming headsets

Headsets worth investing in: Turtle Beach Ear Force X12, Razer Kraken Pro, Astro A50

Headsets have become an important part of gaming for some. During multiplayer matches, players need a way to communicate with one another, and plan things out if they want to be successful. Players need to plan things out quickly, which has made in-game text completely useless. When using a headset, however, players need something of high quality that will help make it easier to hear each other. A bad headset can make things hard to communicate. I will be taking a look at some popular headsets to underline what each brings to the table.

The first set is the Turtle Beach Ear Force X12. First and foremost, this headset has great, quality sound. You will hear everything in the game, and pick up everything that you need to. They are also incredibly comfortable. This headset can be worn for extended gaming sessions, and will stay comfortable even after a few hours. Even those with glasses will find this headset to fit nicely. The set also comes with a microphone monitor that will allow you to hear what you are saying while playing online. Just know that the microphone can be incredibly sensitive; the set will pick up any sounds from your surroundings. For the price, the X12 headset is one of the best out there, and should be considered for anyone looking for an affordable headset.

The next set is the Razer Kraken Pro. This set is the most comfortable set on this list. The set features large, over-the-ear memory foam cups and memory foam padding, and will sit securely without pinching. The headset is light enough that it will not weigh your head down. They are also quite sturdy, and should be able to stand up to your most intense gaming sessions. This set has great, solid sound, which comes in loud and clear. The microphone works nicely as well, so your teammates should be able to pick up everything that you say. The setup for the Kraken is incredibly simple; just plug in and your ready to go. While this simplicity is nice, it is the Kraken’s biggest weakness. There is no in-line controls, meaning there is no adjusting the sound. Overall, the Kraken is a good headset, and should be able to satisfy the needs of most gamers.

The final set is the headset that requires the most commitment: the Astro A50. This headset will cost you the most out of the three, but will be worth it. The A50 will work on more than just your games, making them incredibly versatile. And they sound great. The A50 delivers 7.1 surround sound replication, immersing players in their game. Sound comes in crisp and clear, and will more than reach gamers’ expectations. The set will also sit on your head comfortable, though they will agitate after a few hours. The A50s are also wireless, and while not exactly noise cancelling, the padded earcups block out a good deal of sound. The Astro A50 headset is the best set on this list, but it will cost gamers a pretty penny. But if you can afford them, then the A50 is your best bet.

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