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Galaxy Note 3 Android Lollipop update now live!

Galaxy Note 3 Android Lollipop update officially rolling out

Indeed, the day has come when Galaxy Note 3 users can rejoice, because the official rollout of Android 5.0 Lollipop has begun today. Now, we’re not entirely sure if this is just a soak-test or a full-fledged rollout, but we suppose it’s the latter. People in various regions around the world are reporting that they can now access the Galaxy Note 3 Android Lollipop update through Kies from Samsung.

People in Russia should be most happy, since they are the first ones to be able to access the Lollipop treatment through Kies, version number N900XXUEBOA6. Those who can install the update should be surprised to see that TouchWiz did get a neat overhaul, making the settings menu as well as Samsung apps look more like Material Design than we would have expected.

If you are the owner of Galaxy Note 3, version number SM-N900, you can get hold of the leaked build and install on your device, courtesy of SamMobile. Since this doesn’t look too much like a soak-test, we are looking forward to seeing Android Lollipop rolling out to European and Asian countries, after which the U.S. should get the OTA. The timeline is based on how Samsung is handling the Galaxy S5 Android Lollipop rollout at the moment.

Even though the Galaxy Note 3 Android Lollipop update is now officially available and should spread across the globe in no time, we are a bit surprised that the Note 3 came ahead of the Galaxy Note 4, which hasn’t received any Android Lollipop as of yet. Still, we are glad to see that things are moving ahead and Lollipop is being sent out to more and more devices around the world.

Since you can now get the Galaxy Note 3 Android Lollipop update directly from the source, it is most likely that Samsung will speed up the global rollout of the software update to other devices, too. The U.S. Galaxy S5, as well as Galaxy Note 4 are still waiting for their update.

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