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Compile Heart Countdown Site Teases New Title

There’s a new countdown site up from Compile Heart today. This is probably a tease for a new title, but the website itself doesn’t give much to go on for what this new game could be about. There’s eight days on the countdown clock, meaning that the news will be available on February 12. A new message will be shown each day. Today’s message, translated from the Japanese, reads “Let’s begin!” Other clues to the type of game are the ninja star, or shuriken if you like, in the top and bottom right corners of the screen and the cartoon style font.¬†Hopefully, the site will evolve with new hints as the time ticks down.

The countdown site for a new title launch isn’t a new technique for the developer and published Compile Heart. Nor is Compile Heart the only company to try a countdown website to bring attention to the launch of a new title. The marketing strategy behind the use of the countdown website is to get fans excited and talking about what could be revealed so that the anticipation for the announcement builds.

Compile Heart is a subsidiary of Idea Factory and is mostly known for their Record of the Agarest War and Hyperdimension Neptunia games. Their latest game Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart, a tactical spin-off game from the¬†Hyperdimension Neptunia series, is coming to North America on February 24 at retail and in digital form exclusively for the PS Vita. The follow up to Fairy Fencer F entitled Omega Quintet is also coming to North America sometime this year on PS4. If you’re a fan, you know there’s plenty to look forward to even beyond this countdown.

Keep checking back with the countdown site for new messages and hints to what this new title could be. Until new information is revealed, there’s nothing to go on but speculation.


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