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Dying Light
Techland's lead game designer for Dying Light, Maciej Binkowski, will be rolling out a six-episode series that'll feature tips for the game.

Learn Dying Light Tips from Lead Designer in New Vid Series

Dying Light developer Techland has announced in a press release today that it’ll be rolling out a small video series to teach players how to survive and get the most out of the game. Six episodes are planned for release, the first one now available for all Dying Light fans to watch (see below). All of them are scheduled right up until the game’s physical release in Europe later on this month.

The series itself is dubbed Developer Tips, and will feature hints straight from the mouth of Dying Light’s lead game designer, Maciej Binkowski. Whilst narrating, Binkowski walks players through the core essentials of the game. The first episode of Developer Tips, titled The More the Merrier, highlights the benefits of playing Dying Light cooperatively. Additionally, Binkowski also explains how to get the most out of invading other players’ games as the Night Hunter, a player-controlled zombie.

New episodes of the Developer Tips series will be released daily until Sunday, February 22nd. The press release promises that future episodes will cover Dying Light’s art movement; how to survive the night; how to efficiently deal with zombies; and more. The episodes themselves will be released on the official Dying Light YouTube channel. Physical copies of Dying Light itself will be released in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia on Friday, February 27th.

Techland has released a number of insightful Dying Light videos up until and after the game’s release. One of the developer’s most recent videos for its zombie game focused on how to play as the Night Hunter, and explained the various abilities the powerful zombie can use to kill other human players. Dying Light is available both physically and digitally in North and South America for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but is only currently available digitally in other regions.

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