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British Dyson has invested in a battery tech firm

Dyson investing in battery tech firm to develop new, long-lasting batteries

Dyson, the vacuum manufacturer that was one of the stars at CES 2015 in January has announced today that it would be investing in a startup battery tech firm called Sakti3, originating from the University of Michigan. Sakti3 works on battery tech that aims to outdo the conventional lithium-ion batteries in use in wearable technology, smartphones and Dyson’s own battery-powered vacuum cleaners. The company’s battery tech is more efficient, less costly, less dangerous and more environmentally friendly, according to their company principles.

The battery tech that Sakti3 uses replaces the conventional liquid-based lithium-ion batteries with solid electrode-based solid state batteries. With that technology, Sakti3 can produce batteries for less cost and with less danger. As we all know, lithium-ion batteries are sometimes unstable and may even catch fire while in use or during their transportation. Sakti3 aims to eliminate concerns for safety and the environment with their solid-state battery tech, which is why Dyson has offered to invest in the company.

Dyson has invested $15 billion into the new battery tech firm, which leads us to believe that the company will be implementing new technology into their own products. Having more flexibility around the battery allows for various design improvements and new technology to be implemented into future Dyson products. Since the Sakti3 battery tech can store double the energy lithium-ion batteries can, Dyson considers that investing in the firm would be worthwhile because they hold the key into making effective and more convenient batteries for various products in the future. The investment does not mean that Sakti3 can only make these batteries for Dyson, rather it means that the company is now empowered to further development and create batteries that will most likely power the smartphones of the future, considerably extending battery life and improving user safety.

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