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Samsung created new flexible batteries

Samsung breakthrough in battery technology

Samsung was one of the main exhibitors at InterBattery 2014 in Korea and the company managed to show off a new battery that will surely amaze most of you. The new battery technology by Samsung was developed by the company’s energy solutions branch dubbed Samsung SDI. Although we have already seen some level of bendable battery technology implemented in the Samsung Round and LG G Flex, the new battery Samsung is proposing actually looks and feels like a simple rubber construction.

Samsung’s flexible screen would work well with its new flexible battery

The battery Samsung introduced at InterBattery 2014 is completely rollable, bendable, flexible and it will pop right back to its original shape no matter how much or how long your try to deform it. Samsung showed off a few prototypes of the battery and it seems like the company has made a breakthrough in battery technology. The breakthrough will most certainly open doors for manufacturers in the wearable market, as well as other areas like smartphones and tablets.

While the breakthrough has happened, Samsung says that the flexible battery is not yet ready for commercial use, since the company hasn’t perfected the technology yet. According to Samsung, the problem is that while the battery can flex and bend any way you want it to, all the bending actually puts enormous strain on the battery and it eventually damages the battery cells. On the other hand, Samsung says that it will perfect the technology in the following three years and wants to see these new batteries used in devices by the time it does.

Samsung managed to create the new battery by improving the materials it used to manufacture it, as well as modified structural design which would allow for the battery to be manipulated in a different way. Samsung hasn’t said anything about how much power these batteries will be able to carry, but if the company manages to put at least a decent amount of power into it, it will surely revolutionize the way we make wearables, as well as other devices that work with batteries.

We are curious to see how long it will take Samsung to perfect the technology and in what ways the company will use the breakthrough battery technology in its future devices. When these batteries hit the market, we are expecting to see a ton of wearable devices like bracelets, watches and glasses that would make use of the device, as well as new types of smartphones or tablets with innovative design. Although Samsung is working on this technology, there is no way of telling whether it will be the first to actually succeed and create a practical and usable model of a bendable, flexible battery.

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