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Steam Greenlight Spotlight: Mute Crimson+


Today’s Greenlight picks were looking a bit grim, so I was very happy to come across a game that I found quite interesting. Mute Crimson is a game that had an unsuccessful run on Greenlight in its initial debut, but is now giving it another go and hoping to make it through. The allure of Mute Crimson comes from its keen similarity to the retro platformers of the NES days. Not only is it apparently brutally difficult as they were back in that day, but it also has a visual aesthetic that is a very solid example of what I consider to be retro graphics done well. Mute Crimson + is an improved version of the original Greenlight submission, and it’s definitely looking like it deserves a chance to make it through Greenlight.

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While retro platforming games can often be a dime a dozen, I feel that there is something special about Mute Crimson +. Watching the trailer stirred up feelings of nostalgia for classic platforming games, and I was very impressed with what I saw. I am a huge fan of the visual style choices that Mute Crimson makes, especially when it comes to animations. While all the art contains a certain retro quality, I feel that the animations are really what pulls it all together to create that nostalgic, retro feel that the game is looking for. Also, I couldn’t help but notice the satisfying way that all of the enemies explode like a crushed tomato when they are defeated.

Mute Crimson + contains seven worlds, each one full of challenging platforming adventure. You will have to master difficult platforming sequences as well as defeat challenging enemies if you want to progress to the next level. We can also expect to be challenged by intense boss battles that test your platforming skill as well as your competence in defeating the various enemies scattered throughout each level. While the gameplay looks simple, the solid, retro artwork combined with the apparent difficulty will make for a challenging and compelling experience.

While I’ve seen a bit of talk that Mute Crimson + seems super simple, and thus doesn’t deserve a chance on Greenlight, I would have to say that I could not disagree more. Mute Crimson + possesses a simple, yet compelling art style and combines that with what looks like very smooth platforming to create what will most likely be a very fun game. To dismiss the game before giving it a chance would be a disservice to not only the game, but yourself as well. Be sure to check out Mute Crimson + on Greenlight, where you can leave a vote, and if you do feel that the game is simple, make sure to explain exactly why you feel that way in the comments section. Constructive feedback is always helpful, and I’m sure the developers will be more than happy to take your feedback into consideration.

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