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Tera reveals the Gunner class!

Fans who have been enjoying Tera’s Fate of Arun expansion have something to look forward to in the next major patch. En Masse recently released a trailer revealing the new Gunner class, highlighting her massive cannon and tiny pet robot. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any gameplay in the reveal, but since this class is already available on Korean servers, there’s plenty of footage out there for the curious eye to see. In a world that contains far more magic than technology, watching a gunner toting around a stylish, futuristic cannon feels out of place at first. However, it wouldn’t be the first time that guns were introduced into a world such as Arborea.

The gunner class has an interesting take on Tera’s ranged combat. Sometimes the massive magic-cannon fires exactly like you’d expect, lobbing huge bursts of hurt to clear out enemies that have had the misfortune of grouping up. Other times, it’s mocking a shotgun, or a light machine gun. Another interesting option offered by the Gunner is the ability to summon her pet robot, or small turrets to help spread out the damage.

Gunners are race and gender locked, just like the Reaper class that came before it. Only female High Elves or Castanics will be able to fill their enemies with magical lead. This has caused a bit of a stir within the community who were hoping to be able to play the role with whoever they’d like. The developers have stated before that the costs of adding custom animations per class is too high for them to handle. There was also concern expressed about making new classes available over every race slowing down the development of new content.

Keep in mind, if you’re interested in playing Tera, it costs you absolutely nothing to start an account and explore the world. The Gunner’s American release is coupled with Tera’s addition to the Steam client, both set to arrive on May 5th.

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