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UK: Xbox One’s console sales beat PS4… again

As the months go by it becomes clearer to the general public how much of a good decision the Xbox One S was, the Xbox One had a rough start and it could barely win some months in the United States against the crushingly powerful PlayStation 4, the Xbox division tried its best to improve the console’s image but it wasn’t an easy fight. But the Xbox One S has done just that, it has improved the image of a console that was in an unfavorable position up until E3 of this year and it has helped it score a couple of victories around the globe. Not only did the Xbox One become the best selling console in the United States for three months, but it also won first place on the United Kingdom as well during the month of September. And Xbox has done it again, they have managed to be the best selling console in the United Kingdom for the month of October, securing a two month streak.

According to the market research institute GfK, the Xbox One had 56% of the console market share during October, with a total of 99,496 consoles sold. Meanwhile, the PlayStation 4 had 42% of market share with approximately 74,600 units sold. Reasons for the ”victory” of the Xbox One include the fact that Xbox has the marketing rights to Fifa 17, the release of Xbox exclusives like Gears of War 4 and Forza Horizon 3 during the end of September, and probably the biggest reason is that people interested in buying a PlayStation 4 are probably waiting for the release of the PlayStation 4 Pro on November 10th.

Personally, I think it’s great that both platforms are in such healthy state, more competition between Xbox and PlayStation forces them to put more effort in their products and behavior, the reason why Xbox has improved so much in the last few years has been mostly due to them revindicating the negative reception the Xbox One originally had, heck, if sales hadn’t been as underwhelming, maybe we wouldn’t have gotten the excellent backwards compatibility program, so these numbers are quite good for the general public.

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