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Nintendo Switch console and controller.
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Nintendo Switch: More Rumors Circulating

A few more rumors regarding the Nintendo Switch are circulating online, and are said to be sourced from someone that works for a large retailer. According to some of the rumors, the Nintendo Switch will be available at launch in two different packages. Supposedly there will be a basic package for $299 and a bundle version for $399, though nothing is known of what the bundle will contain besides the console itself. The same source also claims there will be at least four launch titles for the new system, with a new Mario game among them. In addition, the rumors suggest that stores will receive demo units of Nintendo Switch in February 2017, which would allow the public to try out the new hardware a month before its scheduled release.

Nintendo unveiled the Nintendo Switch in October of this year. The reveal trailer that was shown off seems to have proven correct previous rumors regarding how the hardware would look and function. But while the world has been given its first glimpse of Nintendo Switch, we haven’t been given many particulars other than a planned March 2017 release window. Nintendo has announced that it will hold an event in January 2017 to discuss the new console in-depth, so we will only have to wait out the rest of 2016 to determine if these recent rumors are accurate as well.

And in case you’ve recently been living in a cave without internet access, you can read up on the Nintendo Switch reveal right here at Load The Game.

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