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Postal Source Code Released To Public

Postal was a very interesting and bizarre game series. Following a psychotic man in sunglasses and a trench coat, players undertook violent rampages. Said rampages claim the lives of police, military, bystanders and just about everyone else. It’s a particularly bloody series that has managed to earn both controversy and cult appeal. There have been three main entries in the series, complete with a redux version of the original that was released earlier this year. It’s nearly been twenty years since the release of the original game, and Running With Scissors has decided how to celebrate. Releasing the source code of Postal.

Releasing source code is an interesting concept. Once it’s out there, a whole world of possibility is opened up for mods and other developments. It isn’t always done though, given that there are potential legal issues with doing so. Like Postal, many games don’t release their source code until many years after their initial release. For whatever reason, Running With Scissors have decided that the time is right for Postal’s code to be open. Pretty much everything is fair game at this point, something actually encouraged by the developers.

Upon announcing the release of the code, Running With Scissors had a lot to say on the subject of Postal. They looked back on the two decade history of their company with fondness. Recalling both how they had gotten countless praise after Postal’s release, as well as a lawsuit. They also recalled the countless ports and bans Postal had received over the years. Running With Scissors talked about how Postal meant a lot to them, but now the fate of the game needed to change hands. They have been promising to release the code for years now, and now they are following through on that promise. They’re all looking forward to what’s going to be done to their game, and have their fingers crossed for a Dreamcast port.

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