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Google Fails to Keep Up With Demand for Pixel and Pixel XL

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL are terrific smartphones that compete with the high-end offerings from the likes of Samsung and Apple. They offer an incredible luxury device to Android fans that lack the performance issues that sometimes plague similar offerings from Samsung. The company is struggling, however, to ship their smartphones out in a timely manner.

Without resorting to auction sites like eBay, there’s really no easy way to get your hands on the Pixel you want at the moment. This product from Google has the potential to overthrow Android king Samsung, but not if it can’t get its device into the homes of consumers.

The situation is especially bad with the Pixel XL. The model is offered in a 32GB and 128GB options, and the larger size hasn’t been available since November of last year according to online inventory tracking sites.

The 32 GB model is a little easier to obtain, but that’s a small amount of storage when apps and games are constantly increasing in size. Not having the high end device available is surely turning customers towards the iPhone 7 with its well-stocked inventory available in multiple storage sizes.

Verizon currently has exclusivity as a carrier when it comes to distributing the Google Pixel, but even Verizon customers are having trouble grabbing the new phone. Orders placed this month aren’t scheduled to ship for months. With how fast new devices release, if Google can’t up production to meet demand, it’s very possible this generation of Pixel will be a blip on the smartphone scene rather than Android king. It doesn’t matter how awesome a phone is if it’s not available, and many consumers will opt for more easily obtainable options like the iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7 when it’s time to upgrade.


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