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Bike Compass Beeline Takes a Different Approach to Navigation

GPS is a crutch that many of us lean on daily. Gone are the days where we pull out a map to try and plan a route, with apps like Waze and Google Maps giving us step by step directions to get to our destination quickly and efficiently. GPS devices for bicycles are nothing new, but Kickstarted compass Beeline takes a different route when it comes to GPS.

Many devices give a direct step by step route to a destination, but Beeline gives you a general direction and distance – for better or for worse. On the one hand, the disadvantages seem obvious. Why would you opt for a device that’s essentially just a compass and distance tracker when you could buy a fancy GPS that tells you exactly where to go? Beeline’s philosophy with the device is to allow riders to plan a more organic route.

There’s something to be said for exploring around town and gradually winding your way to a destination. Many people take great joy in riding bikes, and Beeline allows you to pay more attention to your environment than you do to a tiny screen. Simply glance down to make sure you’re headed the right direction and ride your bike at your leisure.

There are definitely downfalls to the device. For example, what happens if you get so far off route that the compass is no longer accurate? I think Beeline is suited for shorter distances as opposed to a full fledged GPS, but it’s priced competitively at just $121 dollars. The screen is viewable under any light conditions, is water resistant, and holds a charge for up to four weeks under normal use.

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