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Switch Lite HORI case

HORI’s Nintendo Switch Lite Case Detailed – Price, Release Date, More

Nintendo will be releasing the Nintendo Switch Lite very soon, with the console serving as a mobile-only version of the popular device. Those looking to get some kind of case for the device will want to check out what HORI has in store, as their case has recently been detailed by Amazon.

As can be seen on the official Amazon page, the case is clear and is more for protecting against dirt and wear rather than fall damage. The following is the official product description from the Amazon page:

“Hori Duraflexi protector is made of TPU. Which is a special material that is tough yet flexible. Your new Nintendo Switch Lite is protected from dirt, scratches and wear, and the Duraflexi material provides additional grip during game play. The clear color is perfect for protecting your new Nintendo Switch Lite while showing off it’s awesome colors and designs! (Nintendo Switch Lite system not included.) Officially Licensed by Nintendo.”

The good thing about this case is that it isn’t asking for much from potential buyers’ wallets, with the price being just $12.99. Considering that HORI usually puts out quality products, this should do what it claims to and should be the perfect fit for those just wanting a bit more protection for their console. As for the release date, it will be launching right alongside the Switch Lite on September 20th.

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