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Cait Sith

Final Fantasy VII Cait Sith Plush – Price, Release Date, More

Thanks to the Final Fantasy 7 Remake that released in April, the beloved RPG from the 90s is back and opening the eyes of a brand new audience (as well as pleasing long-time fans). Those who can’t get enough of the game will surely want to display some of their favorite characters around their home, and now we have details on when you can get your hands on a new plush.

Amazon has recently posted a product page for Final Fantasy VII: Cait Sith Plush Action Doll, revealing things like the price and release date. First up we have the official product description, which is the following:

“From Square Enix. Cait Sith from Final Fantasy VII is now an Action Doll. With movable joints and the ability to stand on his own, be it on your desk or on a shelf! He can easily recreate iconic poses with a wide range of movement and expressiveness provided by all the small details included, from his gold crown, cape, and megaphone.”

Considering that this is a high-quality plush, it stands to reason that you can expect this to be on the more expensive side of things. Amazon currently has the price listed as $69.99, though their prices do tend to fluctuate. However, a pre-order price guarantee ensures you’ll get the lowest price ever offered if it does drop after you pre-order it.

The Cait Sith Plush Action Doll will launch on January 27th, 2021, and you can see a full picture of it below.

Cait Sith


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