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Streets of Rage 4 vinyl

Streets Of Rage 4: Definitive Soundtrack Vinyl – Price, Release Date, Cover

The Streets of Rage series rose from its decades-long slumber this year with the release of Streets of Rage 4, and the final product was a winner. The game offered up more of the frantic beat-em-up action longtime fans have come to expect, and a pretty slick soundtrack to accompany it.

If you’re interested in grabbing that soundtrack on vinyl then you’re in luck, because one is coming in a couple of months. Amazon recently posted a product page for the Streets of Rage 4 – The Definitive Soundtrack vinyl set, revealing things like the price, cover and release date. First up we have the official track listing, which consists of the following 35 tracks:

1. Main Theme of Streets of Rage 4
2. Character Select
3. They’re Back
4. The Streets
5. Chill or Don?T
6. Overflow
7. Call the Cops
8. Funky HQ
9. The Commissioner
10. The Storm Boat
11. Nora
12. Ghost Fair
13. Estel Round 1
14. The Undergrounds
15. On Fire
16. Barbon
17. Chow Time
18. Do Joe
19. Shiva
20. Aphex Train
21. Estel Round 2
22. An Exhibition
23. Double Divas
24. Rising Up
25. Ti Un Fou
26. Mr y
27. Next of Kin Showdown
28. Staff Roll
29. It’s Extra
30. Maximum
31. 25 Years Ago
32. DJ Kwashi
33. A Ki Ra
34. Lift the Ground
35. Mrs y

The 35 tracks present here are pressed onto 3 vinyl discs, so you can already figure out it’s going to be on the pricier side of things. Amazon currently has the price listed as $95.98, though their prices do tend to fluctuate. A pre-order price guarantee ensures that you’ll get the lowest price ever offered if it does drop following your pre-order, however.

The Streets of Rage 4 vinyl soundtrack will release on August 7th, and you can check out the cover art below.
Streets of Rage 4 vinyl soundtrack

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