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The Isle Tide Hotel on PS5, PS4, and the FMV Revolution

The Isle Tide Hotel, which is being created in partnership with Interflix Media, will be Wales Interactive’s return to the FMV thriller genre in 2019. An absent father must save his adolescent daughter from an eclectic cult before their last night at the Isle Tide Hotel, according to the official synopsis. In this live-action interactive mystery game, players examine the bizarre events that develop to save Eleanor Malone. Each choice has an impact on the plot.

There will be a total of seven major conclusions, with a total of 14 possible variations. Strangely, the game will also feature side quests, each of which will have a different answer. Additionally, the game will have a chapter-skipping ability, however you’ll need to unlock it first.

Michael D. Xavier (Gentleman Jack) and Jessica Ellerby are among the cast members (Pennyworth). You probably have an idea of what to anticipate here if you’ve played any of Wales Interactive’s games in the past. The success of the title will depend on the script’s quality and how well the interactive components are incorporated, as usual. For now, consider us curious.

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