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Skullgirls On Switch Is Getting A “Massive Update” Early Next Year

Skullgirls, a 2D animated fighting game, will reportedly receive a “huge” update for the Nintendo Switch early in 2019.

It was announced in a post on the game’s official forums that this update would arrive on January 3rd, 2023. With this update, the Switch version of the game will be more compatible with other platforms. Additionally, this will update the Switch port and add the Season 1 Pass. Additionally, players may anticipate quicker load times, improved performance, and several other enhancements. Here is the whole thing:

“The Nintendo Switch will finally have its day! This has been heavily requested, and high on our priority list, but we can now confirm that on January 3rd, the Switch release will get a massive update! This update will bring it into parity with other systems, and includes the release of the Season 1 Pass.
(NOTE: This update will NOT include Black Dahlia. She will arrive on Switch around the same time that she releases on PS4.)

“When we say a big update, we mean it! This update will completely replace the previous version of Skullgirls on the Nintendo Switch with almost a full rewrite of the port’s codebase, fixing numerous issues specific to that version. That means faster load times (over twice as fast as before!), better performance, sharper UI and smoother online play.”

Characters from Season Pass 1 include Annie of the Stars, Umbrella, Black Dahlia, Skullgirl Umbrella, and more. You can read more about this special combatant in our Nintendo Life review:


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