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The technical rehearsals for Super Nintendo World Hollywood have now begun

Surprise! It’s now possible to visit Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood. Technically. The new theme park, like many others, is undergoing a “soft opening,” thus it isn’t actually open yet; rather, it is accessible to the general public, however admittance may be restricted at any time and visitor numbers may be controlled.

Before it officially opened on February 17th, members of the website Inside Universal, which is themed around Universal Studios, were able to enter the park yesterday.

This kind of “technical rehearsal” is common in theme parks to test some of the attractions on real visitors. However, according to Inside Universal, “Mario Kart: Bowser Challenge, Toadstool Cafe, 1-Up Factory, and interactive components are all open during technical rehearsals, but may close at any time.” Super Nintendo World is not entirely finished or open at this time.

Even if the majority of us at NL are itching to go, we’ll just have to endure the wonder of Inside Universal’s trip. Here is a sample of the videos and pictures the website has been tweeting about the trip:

Inside Not just Universal was able to cover the soft launch; the travel agency Touring Plans also posted some of their experiences on Twitter.

There are also amazing pictures of the Toadstool Cafe’s food, which looks delectable, as well as the park’s secret stamps. It appears to be a fantastical, engaging wonderland. And although while we are aware that it doesn’t often get so chilly on the west coast of America, we can assure you that everyone wearing Mario and Luigi costumes is warm and cozy.

The interactivity of a video game and the excitement of a theme park appear to have been merged by Universal to perfectly capture the essence of the Mario game. Before we can even try to purchase tickets, we still need to build up a significant amount of gold coins.

Don’t forget that over the past few weeks, press previews have gradually increased. Why not have a look at the movies we just recorded that provide other views of the park’s interior?

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