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On March 8, Free Racer KartRider: Drift will launch for the PlayStation 4

There aren’t many high-caliber kart racers on PS4, but KartRider: Drift will hope to place on the podium starting on March 8th, 2023. The free-to-play game, which has long been in beta testing, will get off to a fast start with its first season, dubbed New World. Totally cross-platform play will be available for the game on PC, Xbox One, iOS, and Android.

The press release states that “Full cross-platform, crossplay will be available” when Season 1 of “New World” debuts on March 8. New tracks and race modes, a season-long theme, daily player rewards and events, along with many other enhancements, are all part of Season One’s exciting new content. There will be a few different game modes, such as time attacks, license tests, combat races, and traditional races.

You can expect to find a ton of unlockable cosmetics as well: KartRider: Drift players have complete control over customisation options to express themselves fully and cross the finish line in style thanks to a dazzling array of distinctive characters and karts. Through the standard Racing Pass, where players can complete various daily challenges and event challenges, more characters, karts, accessories, and emotes can be unlocked. With the purchase of a Premium Racing Pass, additional premium challenges and benefits are also accessible.

Will you attempt this at all? Although it doesn’t have the same brand recognition as Mario Kart, the gameplay appears to be strong, and the developer’s dedication to post-release updates ensures that it will remain current for as long as it is supported.

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