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You can’t let the little girl cry in the retro-style turn-based role-playing game Meg’s Monster

The lovely-looking retro-style RPG Meg’s Monster will finally launch on Switch on March 2nd, according to publisher and developer Odencat. Meg’s Monster is actually a completely different beast within the genre, despite the fact that it initially appears to be a cute, quirky little adventure.

As a monster by the name of Roy, it is your responsibility to safeguard Meg from harm, locate her mother, and transport her to safety. Nothing can harm you because you are extremely strong and have 99,999 health points. However, there is a catch: Meg has the ability to end the world with just a single tear.

This RPG isn’t about you surviving or winning every battle; instead, it’s about ensuring the good health of your adorable little companion. The important thing is Meg’s happiness, and even though you can’t die, Meg cries a lot when she sees Roy hurt. As a result, you must give Meg toys to keep her calm or solve puzzles while engaged in combat to keep anything negative from happening to you.

Here are some screenshots and a more detailed description of the game from Odencat:

Innovative Battle System
Meg’s Monster chronicles the story of two very unlikely friends, encased in a unique, raw, scripted, turn-based battle system in which the player controls a nigh-invincible monster who must defeat enemies while also protecting a fragile human child with strange apocalyptic powers—because if she cries, the whole world dies.

Monster World
Meg, the human child, (whose tears just so happen to hold the power to bring forth the apocalypse) winds up in a world full of mutants and monsters who eat humans for breakfast. It’s up to a hulking brute named Roy and his pal Golan to help her make it back home. As they scour the Underworld for clues regarding her mother’s whereabouts, the trio will slowly warm up to one another, while also uncovering some truly astonishing secrets about their world and themselves.

Meg’s Monster’s retro style and simplicity in presentation quickly unfolds into a challenging, amusing and must-play RPG. The narrative quickly pulls the player into the story whilst at the same time giving a real empathy for the main and central characters. Over 50,000 words of dialogue give a rich and compelling narrative to the many battles that will ensue as you venture forth. Each battle comes with its own unique mechanics and minigames to master as you duke it out while protecting and keeping Meg happy with her favourite toys. Yes, keeping Meg calm and happy is just one underlying factor, and a nice toy will achieve this, but it’s not that simple!

Battle Away – Watch your HP!!!
Roy, the monster, has 99999 HP and is almost invincible (as in almost every enemy can’t kill him; think Saitama from One Punch Man). However, when he takes damage, the other protagonist, Meg, takes emotional and mental damage since she is a child and can’t bear to see Roy getting hurt. If her mental gauge reaches zero, she’ll cry and the world ends. This means that players will need to balance Meg’s mood, as well as defeating enemies that want to destroy them. Roy will need to use toys to keep Meg happy and prevent her from crying.

Majestic Sound and Music
Acclaimed Monster Hunter, Hi-Fi Rush, and Atelier Ryza 2 composer Reo Uratani, and a main theme featuring ethereal, otherworldly lyrics written and performed by Laura Shigihara of Plants vs Zombies™To the MoonRakuen, and Deltarune fame, Meg’s Monster soundtrack has much to offer.

Meg’s Monster will go on sale for £12.79/US$14.99 on March 2nd, which is next Thursday, in the Switch eShop. This might be a standout independent RPG this year thanks to a combination of oddball monsters, original mechanics, and a ton of superb and moving writing.

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