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Season 3 Brings Overwatch 2’s First Anime Collab


One Punch Man x Overwatch 2 is live. Saitama (Doomfist), Genos (Genji), Tatsumaki (Kiriko), and Soldier 76’s Muren Rider skin are among the cosplay hero skins in this collection (obtainable by completing in-game challenges). The shop has these items until April 6.

Original story

Season 3 of Overwatch 2 will feature collaborations, similar to Fortnite and the original Overwatch’s LEGO Bastion skin.

A One Punch Man anime collaboration will start the second game. Saitama, from One Punch Man, is one of the most powerful anime heroes of all time, able to defeat anything with a single punch. Doomfist matches his Overwatch 2 outfit.

Today or tomorrow, this season begins. New rewards, a battle pass, a map, seasonal competitive events, and more will unlock alongside this new skin. Check out the trailer (One Punch promo starts at minute mark):

Overwatch 2 is free on Switch eShop. Will you try this event? What future Overwatch 2 collaborations would you like to see? Comment below.

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