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This year, soccer RPG Inazuma Eleven comes out for the PS4 for the first time

It took a long time, but the acclaimed soccer RPG Inazuma Eleven will finally come out on PS4 later this year around the world. The release, which is one of many promising games from veteran developer Level-5, promises to take the series back to its roots and bring back all of the original cast and characters.

Story and chronology are the two main ways to tell a story. The first one will be about Unmei Sasanami, a young boy with blue hair who has lost interest in soccer. After making new friends and a rival in Haru Endo at Nagumohara Junior High, he sets out to bring a forgotten team back to life and lead them to glory.

Along with the campaign, there will be a mode called “Chronicle” where you can fight over 4,500 characters from the series’ past.In the new Inazuma V Caravan, you can go back in time and see everything that has happened in the series so far. You can fight against past teams and add your favorite players to your team.

The gameplay is supposed to be more free-flowing and more like real soccer, but the tactical RPG elements are still there. Although the action in the trailer appears to be its weakest component, we like all of the brand-new animations created by MAPPA. All in all, this looks like a big deal, and it’s going to start happening all over the world later this year.

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