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It has been reported that a bug in Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet version 1.2.0 corrupts save data

Update #2 Joe Merrick, webmaster of Serebii.net, has updated his social media followers with new information:

“Getting reports of more people from outside of Japan who reported the save bug getting contacted for their saves to be restored. Glad this is getting fixed, even though it’s super rare”

Update #1 The reported save file corruption issues have not been addressed, but an update is coming for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet that will fix some bugs related to eggs.

Serebii.net’s webmaster, Joe Merrick, has made a brief update to the story by mentioning on social media that The Pokémon Company is aware of the latest report. It appears that a fix is in the works. Until then, know that you’re dealing with a “very, very rare” situation if you do experience it.

“Right so obviously people are wondering about the save data glitch, and rightfully so. TPC are aware. That I can guarantee as last week I messaged them myself about it. It’s very, VERY, rare We do not know the cause. It’s not GO, or buying the DLC…I, and many others including friends who are far more skilled than I at this sort of thing, have been trying everything to replicate it to no avail. With us being unable to, I imagine Nintendo and GF would also be working to narrow it down.”

Original story: The latest patch, 1.2.0, was released last week for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

New features, tweaks, and a laundry list of fixes were all part of the update. It appears to have introduced a significant bug, though. According to Kotaku’s report, save data corruption has spread to the Scarlet and Violet games.

Players have reported losing or corrupting their entire save files after performing certain tasks, such as connecting to Pokémon GO or downloading the recently announced DLC, since the release of Version 1.2.0.

Several players have contacted Nintendo’s customer service, and a representative told one trainer that Nintendo was “looking into it.” When the new games are made compatible with the storage app, another representative suggested transferring the Pokémon on the corrupt save file to Pokémon HOME.

Save Files Being Lost
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