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Media Molecule Ends Dreams Live Service, Starting New Project

Media Molecule will stop updating Dreams after three years. The game’s official website announces that the studio will stop releasing updates and in-game events on September 1, 2023, to focus on a new project.

Importantly, the game will survive. Media Molecule is leaving, but you can still play and create. Dreams’ team is “incredibly proud” of its accomplishments and “endlessly grateful to the community for their belief and continuous contributions”. “One of the best things we’ve ever done” is the game and community.

Media Molecule hasn’t finished the game yet. It will release Tren, an original game, animation updates, and a final Create mode update. Before September.

The game will soon undergo a major server migration. Late May will bring significant changes to Dreams’ online functions. Read the whole post.

Sad, but inevitable. Despite its greatness, the game never had enough players to keep it going. However, the game’s fans are creative and loyal, so we expect many new creations after September.

According to Media Molecule’s FAQ, some features and updates won’t happen. We won’t get a PS5 version, online multiplayer, or 3D printing.

PS4 Dreams still fun? This news disappoints? What should Media Molecule make next?

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