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Lenovo Leaked Handheld Looks Like A Switch

Pictures of Lenovo’s ‘Legion Go’ handheld gaming device have leaked online, showing how it will look when it launches.

Spoilers: it resembles a Switch-Steam Deck hybrid. With angular edges, a bulky frame, and a lovely screen, the Legion Go seems to want the best of both worlds. Removable Joy-Con-inspired controllers and an adjustable kickstand.

The right controller has a touchpad, buttons on its back, and a wheel, which will be useful for navigating the built-in UI. We’re expecting good battery life from this big boy, but we’re not sure yet.

It’s interesting that Lenovo took inspiration from Nintendo’s console for the Legion Go, which is likely to compete with the Steam Deck, ROG Ally, and the upcoming Ayaneo Kun.

With so many companies copying Nintendo with powerful consoles, will the Switch successor be the simple ‘Switch 2’ many want? Or will Nintendo do something crazy to stand out? Think about it.

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