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Next month, Switch will release KarmaZoo, which looks weird

On November 14, 2023, Devolver Digital will release KarmaZoo for the Switch, a co-op platformer for up to ten players.

It has beautiful pixel-art graphics with lighting effects and bright colors, but the co-op gameplay is the real draw. You’ll be matched with randomly selected online players and must work together to boost your karma by helping teammates overcome obstacles or sacrificing yourself.

Devolver gave a deeper explanation of KarmaZoo:

Together with up to 10 new friends you’ll tackle a series of increasingly challenging levels that adapt to the size of your team, the characters you play as and the perks you pick together. No two runs are quite the same when the players and the game itself are changing.

Stick together, use your character’s strengths, and even sacrifice yourself for the greater good to help your teammates overcome KarmaZoo’s chaotic challenges. Every good thing you do, one way or another, earns you the sweet Karma you’ll use to unlock new characters and abilities for future Loops.

Whether you’re new to games or a seasoned veteran, you’ll find a community reaching for a common goal. Available in 22 languages, featuring cross-platform play between PC and consoles and private lobbies to play exclusively with friends, we invite all of you to the KarmaZoo.

The Switch eShop will sell KarmaZoo for $9.99.

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