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Konami’s Super Crazy Rhythm Castle Hits Switch Today with Toe-Tapping Music

One of the games at Konami’s preview event this year surprised us. Super Crazy Rhythm Castle is on the Switch eShop today (November 14).

Crazy rhythm game Super Crazy Rhythm Castle by Second Impact Games is based on castles. So far, rhythm game? Check out the launch trailer above to see how super crazy’ things can get.

The central mysterious castle has rhythm games, giant hands that block your view, bean-throwing challenges, a musical aubergine (or eggplant), and meat-based gingerbread men. It’s excessive, but it looks appealing.

Konami and Second Impact Games have revealed some of the game’s features:

Adventure into Absurdity
– An unforgettable journey with a light heart and a tapping foot. You’ll become one with the music and the madness.
– Unlikely heroes, approach Rhythm Castle! Inside, the unhinged King Ferdinand awaits, ready to defend his crown and ruin your day. Overcome his twisted challenges and beat him in his own game. Throw beans into an ancient summoning ritual. Shut down a giant eggplant DJ. Cover tiny meat people in gravy for reasons that we promise will become clear. All while keeping the beat!

Super Soundtrack
– Featuring over 30 tracks to rock along to. Tune in for earworm rock, hip hop, dubstep, and iconic KONAMI tracks from the Castlevania, Gradius and Beatmania series!

Crazy Co-op
– Chaotic cooperative gameplay that’s fun and accessible. Not a pro at rhythm games? Each player can play their music in three-button or four-button mode – or hop out to focus on puzzling while your buddy covers the music! Whether you go solo or sync up with friends, get ready to embrace the madness and take on the challenges of Rhythm Castle.

Multitasking Mayhem
– From musical escape room to elevator arcade, you’ll need to think outside the beat to stay ahead of the king’s mischief. Juggle music play with tricky tasks and blasting action to solve each level!

Relive the Rhythm
– Gunning for a gold medal? Unlock & play every song in the Music Lab. No nonsense, just pure rhythm!

Super Crazy Rhythm Castle costs £34.99 / $39.99 on the Switch eShop.

Tap to the beat (just one tap) on the following video to hear what our wonderful video producer Alex thought of the title when he tried it earlier this year:



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