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Zelda’s Voice Actor Would “Love” To Return For The Live-Action Film

Last week, Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto announced a live-action Legend of Zelda film was in development. The casting of each character has sparked much speculation, and Patricia Summersett has already expressed interest.

You may not know that she voices Princess Zelda in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom. She agreed to reprise her role in a live-action film when GamesRadar asked:

“Of course I will, I would love to play Zelda over and over again.”

If it’s like the Mario movie, the cast will be different from the games. Summersett wants to voice Zelda in Link’s future video games, regardless of the new live-action Zelda movie.

“I’m quite connected to the fanbase now It’s been seven years, so this is my life. It’s been three games, and I could always take more of it. I love this part of my life and the community.”

Sony Pictures co-funds the live-action Zelda film. Miyamoto says he’s been talking to Ari Arad about it for 10 years, and Maze Runner trilogy director Wes Ball will direct.

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