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New Front Mission 2: Remake Update Hits Switch Today; Patch Notes

Last month, Switch got Front Mission 2: Remake, which was fine. The rough edges on this one were too distracting when we first played it, but Storm Trident and G-Craft have been working on a variety of updates, the latest of which is available today.

Several of the updates focus on the game’s UI, but they also address localizations, cutscenes, difficulty modifiers, and more.

The official Front Mission Twitter account shared the full update, and we’ve uploaded the patch notes below. This is not the longest list, so let’s start.

Front Mission 2: Remake Ver. 1.0.4 (November 22, 2023)

 Changed scale for some units
– Skill trigger fixes
– Improved battle UI placement and overall UI improvements
– Difficulty rebalance
– Added information about build-in weapons in the garage and shop
– Fixed in-game cutscenes for 26th, 27th and 30th stage
– Changed mechanic units’ behavior
– Localization improvements
– Fixed Raven fight and fight results bug
– Fixed missile explosion position
– Fixed UI bugs in Colosseum
– Added missing SFX and music
– Fixed issues with weapons and computers that couldn’t be acquired through surrender
– Fixed issue with VFX scaling during quick battle


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