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Sifu Developer Hints at Exciting Surprises for Second Anniversary

Sifu, the beat ’em up roguelike, has some surprises in store for its second anniversary, despite the fact that the developer released the final content update on Switch last November.

Sloclap recently took to social media to announce that they have some exciting surprises in store for their fans. They teased that these surprises would be unveiled in the upcoming days, starting with the anniversary on February 10. Stay tuned for more updates!


Once again, the details of the upcoming reveal remain elusive. However, our anticipation is certainly piqued, given the sheer enjoyment we experienced when the game made its debut on the Switch in 2022. Here’s our take on it from our review, in case you’re curious about all the hype:

“Sifu was one of the best games of the year when it launched on other platforms, and it’s no different now on Switch. Its hardcore combat that pushes you to the limits of your skill, paired with a smart ageing mechanic, makes for one of the most satisfying gaming experiences in the beat ’em up genre. While the Switch port is obviously a bit downgraded from the PS5 version, it’s still a more than valid option for Nintendo-only gamers and those keen to try this kung-fu brawler out on the go.”


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