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This update to Stardew Valley adds 40 new mine layouts. Here are the full patch notes

We’re still waiting for the Stardew Valley “1.6 Update” for Switch, but Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone, who made the game, is already putting out new updates for PC.

A lot of new content and features were added in the most recent update (1.6.4 update), on top of what was already in the 1.6 update. There are now 20 new “alternate” main layouts and 20 new volcano mine layouts. This is the best thing about 1.6.4.

Along with this, there is a lot of other content, as well as changes to the translation, the balance, the graphics, the quality of life, bugs, and a lot more. Here are the patch notes for this slightly newer patch while we wait for Version 1.6 to come out on Switch (recent news said it would be coming “as soon as possible” this month).

Stardew Valley 1.6.4 (available now on PC):

New content & features

Added 20 new ‘alternate’ mine layouts, which can start appearing after reaching the bottom of the mines.
Added 20 new volcano mines layouts, which can appear after you’ve unlocked the shortcut between the caldera and the volcano entrance.
added fish frenzies.
Added a special cutscene after you’ve helped your new neighbors grow their family to the max.
added four new fairy styles.
You can now place 8 additional non-fish items into fish tanks.
The Raccoon shop now includes a trade for mystery boxes and golden mystery boxes.
Vinegar can now be poured onto trees to stop them from ever growing moss.
Shaving enchantment now causes tree-specific drops.

fern → fiddlehead fern
mushroom → red mushroom
mahogany → hardwood

Translation changes

many edits and improvements to the Chinese version
Edits to the Russian, Portuguese, Hungarian, Turkish, and Korean translations.
changed the Chinese fonts to make them more appealing and readable.
changed the Hungarian number spacing character from a comma to a period.
Some improvements to Russian font.

Balance changes

When you load a save, you’ll now unlock missed Steam achievements if needed (e.g. achievements gained while playing offline).
Added a mini-shipping bin as an expensive Qi gem shop purchase.
added more variety and improvements to Skull Cave treasure chests.
Life elixirs now only restore health, and energy tonics now only restore energy.
Wild seed spots are now rarer but yield more seeds.
doubled the Iridium Golem’s chance to drop iridium.
The monsters in the volcano entry level are now randomized each day.
Using a treasure totem indoors no longer works. This prevents them from being wasted.
Going down a level in the mines now makes you invulnerable for 1 second.
– Increased raccoon mystery box reward from 4 to 5.
Farming experience now contributes to mastery experience at a 50% rate.
An Ice orb will no longer freeze a spider while it is in the air jumping.
removed red snapper from winter fishing quest pool and sardines from the summer quest pool.
You will no longer get calico rating points from going down the normal mines.
Golden mystery boxes now have a small chance to yield an auto-petter.
slightly reduced chance to find mystery boxes.
Mine barrels and coal carts will now “refresh” at the start of each year.
The order of mystery box rewards is now randomized per-player instead of per-save.

Visual improvements

Qi club coins now show up in the shop menu.
Various map edits and fixes.
removed Maru’s glasses from all beach portraits for consistency.
Improvements to signage in some non-english languages (i.e. Chinese, French, and Russian)

Quality of life changes

Added a 1.2-second delay after dropping an item before it’s picked back up by the same player.
Napalm rings are now non-destructive on the farm and inside the slime hutch (i.e. the explosion will only damage monsters).
Added ctrl + right-click as an alternate toolbar drop hotkey.
Receiving a “special notification” (e.g. first geode message) will no longer cancel out player actions such as eating or warping.
Flopping fish no longer fall back into fish ponds.
Crab pots now have a short time period after harvesting from them during which they can’t be removed (750ms).
The Junimo bundle menu now only highlights items that can actually be placed in the selected bundle.

Other changes

minor optimizations.
I Added two inappropriate names to the list to exclude from the name generator.
You can no longer give gifts to NPC’s during green rain year 1 (which prevents incongruous attitudes). This also prevents a portrait issue with Demetrius.

Gameplay fixes

Fixed the disappearing pets bug.
Fishing splash zones and ore pan points are now removed overnight.
The prize ticket machine now consumes your ticket when you get the reward, rather than when you first press the button.
For the purposes of perfection, the level 100 mines stardrop now has a more robust way to check if it’s been acquired.
Fixed Monster Compendium not actually doubling all loot.
fixed geodes no longer dropping on the farm in normal circumstances.
fixed rare crash when spawning items overnight.
Fixed player colliding with stuff during event cutscenes.
fixed pre-1.6 forged weapons having reduced stats.
fixed not being able to put a torch on the sprinkler you get as a CC reward.
fixed various bugs and cranes related to building a cabin.
Fixed wild seeds in garden pots, putting their final crop in the top-left corner of the map instead of the pot.
Fixed “lost and found” chests (from night market and elsewhere) not working anymore in 1.6.
fixed a duplication bug with the “lost and found” chests.
Fixed slime hutch floors reverting to the default after reloading a game.
Fixed malformed casino shop red fireworks ID.
fixed pet adoption catch-all case only working with the animal catalog and only applying in year 2 specifically, rather than for any year 2 or beyond.
Fixed the ‘use legacy randomization’ option applied inconsistently when loading a save, which caused weird issues like broken green rain days.
fixed the case where you could permanently miss the ancient seed recipe if you grabbed the ancient seed packet but not the associated recipe, and then closed the museum rewards menu. Missing recipes will also be restored upon loading a file.
– Fixed issue with duplicated animals & building interiors from pre ~1.3 saves.
Fixed end tables not being rotateable.
fixed an issue where empty barns and coops could not be removed by Robin on old saves.
fixed slime egg incubators, letting you reclaim the egg before it hatches.
fixed farmhouse placement bounds to match the object placement restrictions around it.

Multiplayer fixes

Synced some NPC Gift data in other languages.
Fixed fireworks (and possibly other sprites) drawing behind stuff in multiplayer.
Fixed “Build a Silo” quest not being completed for farmhands.
Fixed the Raccoon quest not being removed for all players.
fixed the double trinket issue when a farmhand disconnects/reconnects.
Fixed the double and/or missing derby participants sprite issue in multiplayer.

Display text and localization fixes

many edits and fixes in translation text.
fixed a text parsing error for Asian languages, which caused them to incorrectly wrap in some cases.
fixed spacing issues in Asian languages.
fixed several localization issues
fixed the Russian line break issue.
fixed events not consistently handling gender-dependent text.

Cosmetic fixes

adjusted the draw order of basic objects so that debris will not be drawn underneath them as often.
Placeable grass now offsets vertically a little if it were to clip through a front-layer tile.
fixed the seasonal world map not working for non-English players.
Fixed flying monsters not being drawn above things on the farm & volcano.
Fixed the reward icon in completed quest menu being visually offset.
– Fixed george’s TV clipping with farmer during green rain.
Fixed movies not showing layered sprites (e.g. the eyeball in Mysterium).
Fixed Qi club coins drawn below the lightmap.
fixed Qi coin overlay drawn during minigames.
Fixed crane game audio not stopping when the game is forcefully closed.
fixed some tooltip padding issues.
fixed movie theater display issues on the world map.
fixed the repeated dialogue selection sound if a control was plugged in but you were using a mouse.
Fixed the quest reward icon input offset issue.
Fixed Joja Warehouse roof drawing above the weather (and possibly other similar cases).
fixed various map tile issues.
fixed a visual issue with a shadow in the farm house.
fixed being able to swap two chests of the same type.
Fixed machines sometimes wobble when they’re not processing anything.

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