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Publisher Nexon is looking into why the Finals didn’t do as well as they thought they would

The Finals, a high-speed free-to-play shooter that was released unexpectedly in December, initially attracted large numbers of players, but the level of player engagement has since declined. Publisher Nexon recently announced significant revenues in all areas, although these were partially mitigated by the underperformance of the live service platform, which did not meet expectations.

In Nexon’s Q1 2024 earnings letter, the company acknowledges that The Finals performance was a concern, although it did contribute to an increase in consolidated monthly active users (MAUs). According to the publisher, the release of Season 2 in March resulted in a temporary rise in player metrics, but it ultimately did not meet the company’s goals for player retention and revenue. Embark, the developer, is collaborating with the company’s Live Operations team in Korea to comprehensively analyze and resolve the significant challenges that caused the game to have a disappointing performance.

The company anticipates expansion from the game and highlights that Season 3 will be launched in June. Initially receiving acclaim from both fans and critics, The Finals swiftly encountered a cheating issue, which Embark has been actively striving to address and overcome ever since.

Have you recently monitored the progress of the Finals? Will the game be able to attract a sufficiently large audience in an industry that is becoming more and more competitive? Please ensure that the bag is securely placed in the comments section below.

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