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The Last of Us Grounded Bundle DLC coming soon

The Grounded Bundle was announced by Naughty Dog today and it will most likely be the last DLC coming to The Last of Us.  The third and final bundle is part of the season pass and it includes new content for both single-player and multiplayer. You can buy the season pass for the price of $20 but there is also the option to buy just some of the pieces if you prefer.

The new “Grounded Mode” raises the bar when it comes to difficulty and Naughty Dog claims it’s the hardest challenge you’ll ever face. “The AI is relentless, smart, and brutal, and survival will be near impossible” so it looks like you’d better be well prepared if you plan on replaying the game. As a standalone Grounded Mode costs $5. Multiplayer also gets improved with the addition of The Reclaimed Territories Maps Pack which is available separately for $10. Below is a detailed description of each map:

Wharf – Set in the rusted-out docks where Joel encountered Robert, the Wharf map features close quarters gameplay, two snipers nests, and a giant boat. It’s full of good opportunities for climbing, flanking, and stealth.

Capitol – Set in Boston, the Capitol Map features indoor and outdoor gameplay. It encourages the intelligent use of flanking.

Coal Mine – Set in Colorado, Coal Mine is a winter map that’s spotted with abandoned buildings. It’s a spacious map that has long lines of sight and a bridge that’s a perfect perch for snipers. The dynamic snowstorm obscures the view so be on your toes.

Water Tower – Set in Lincoln, PA, the Water Tower map features two primary chokepoints for some deadly face-to-face confrontations. It’s mainly an outdoor map with a few indoor areas and some very unique lighting. It might seem open, but it’s really a tight map that’s perfect for close quarters melee.

New guns and survival skills are also included with the Grounded Bundle. The added weapons are called: Specter, Double Barrel, Enforcer, and Launcher. These guns have unique attributes and cost $6 for non-season pass holders. Two new Survival Skills Bundles will also be available, the Situational Survival Skills Bundle and the Professional Survival Skills Bundle each cost $4 standalone.

Last but not least, every player, season pass holder or not will receive a free new gun called the Full-Auto Rifle. No release date has been announced for The Grounded Bundle but Naughty Dog mentioned that they will be showing off some of the new content during a live stream on Twitch. The stream will start Thursday, April 24th at 12:00 PM Pacific on their channel.

The season pass can be purchased for $20 only until May 13th, after that it will no longer be available. All the DLCs will also be included in The Last of Us Remastered planned for PS4. For additional information about The Grounded Bundle take a look at the original post on Naughty Dog’s blog.

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