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Blizzard might unveil a new IP in 2014

The next couple of years will be absolute gold for the people at Blizzard. With an expansion for Starcraft 2 still looming, Warlords of Draenor for WoW set to come out soon, Heroes of the Storm ready to tackle the wider MOBA audience and Hearthstone to receive a single player add-on, it looks that the people that once were called Silicon and Synapse have their hands full.

However this isn’t enough for them. Rumors have come out that the company will unveil a brand new IP sometime in 2014. Everything started when a Senior Artist working for the Activision partner updated his LinkedIn profile and stated work on “a top secret project to be unveiled sometime in 2014”.

With all the other IP’s have names already associated with their follow-up projects, this possible unveil could be the mysterious Project Titan. This could very possibly be the case as recently Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime satated that Titan was being re-envisioned and it could mean that a decision has been made on where to take the unknown game. Paul Sams – Blizzard COO – stated recently that the company is far from ready to talk about Titan, however he did share his enthusiasm for the future in regards to developing a new IP.

“I think it’s difficult to launch a new franchise. I think it’s risky to launch a new franchise, but that has never been the reason to deter us.” Sams said. “It’s always been about doing the game we think we want to play next. What is the best franchise for that? Is it an existing franchise or is it one we should create? I think we have no concern and no hesitancy about building a new franchise if we think we have the right ideas and the right game to pair it with. Hopefully we’ll have some of those things to talk about in the future.”

If this unveil is to happen, don’t get your hopes up for E3. Blizzcon this year has already been called lackluster by critics in terms of actual new content, so if any announcement is to be had regarding a new game, that’s where it’s going to happen.

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