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Dead Space 4 likely to be the first next-gen entry in the series

Ok, so maybe Dead Space 3 wasn’t exactly the best entry in the franchise, but I think most of us would still like to see a sequel anyway. Or maybe a prequel? Reboot? In any case, Dead Space 4 sounds like a pretty good idea, but only if it’s closer in quality to the first two titles. Sadly this is just wishful thinking, after all, there has been no such announcement and the series is considered dead by most. Or is it? Well, apparently there is some glimmer of hope as the Dead Space IP is still close to the hearts of the folks over at EA and Visceral Games according to a recent statement. Nobody confirmed Dead Space 4, but this news suggests the companies are at least thinking about it.

“Is Dead Space dead? Not for me it’s not,” Visceral Games General Manager Steve Papoutsis said in a recent interview with Kotaku. “I love it, the team at Visceral loves it. Having worked on it for seven years, this was a good break for us to try something different. But there’s a lot of passion about that franchise, not just from me but from others in the company, so I think it’s an IP that’s important for the company. You never know where it’s going to go… I’d definitely be excited about what it would be like on this gen.”

Again, not a confirmation, but that last statement hints at the possibility of Dead Space 4 arriving on the Xbox One and PS4 when (if) it releases. I mean, if somebody at Visceral is taking the idea into consideration perhaps some of the devs are doing the same. However, Visceral currently has another big project going on so it may take while before work on Dead Space 4 beings. The company is now focused on developing Battlefield Hardline, which was recently delayed until 2015.

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  • http://gbxsoundscapes.com Vitus Wight

    Yes. Please. Can we have it now?

  • Anon

    Until a new Dead Space title is made/released, I won’t buy anything these guys make.

  • Daniel Groulx

    The necromprph story ended with DS3. But Isaak Clark is a great character. He should live on. To new monsters. Maybe a new story. He could be picked up by a large transport vessel where travelers are put in stasis for months and or years until they arrive at their destination. Only he wakes up by a backup system in case of an emergency. Just to find the vessel damaged and drifting in space…