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iPhone 6 vs OnePlus One – Overrated vs Underrated

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 finally launched a few days ago, the whole world is now looking forward to the other highly anticipated smartphone of the year, the iPhone 6. Apple is believed to launch its latest flagship in just a few days at a special event where they will also announce a few other devices. Meanwhile, there’s yet another highly sought after handset out there that doesn’t really get the recognition it deserves if you ask me. The OnePlus One is one of best smartphones available, but most people only talk about the fact that it’s so hard to buy one because you must have an invite to do so. Invites aside, here we’re going to talk all about its specs and price while also comparing it with the 5.5-inch iPhone 6.

Apple’s upcoming flagship is arguably the most hyped device of the year so we’ll try to find out if all the hype is indeed justified or if people should maybe stop standing in line for the iPhone 6 and start trying harder to get ahold of a OnePlus One. As mentioned, the iPhone 6 will only launch in a few days, but there are tons of leaks out there and we already know pretty much everything about it thanks to them. If the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Sony Xperia Z3 and Moto 360 have taught me anything is that a lot of the time leaks are actually worth taking into consideration. The mentioned devices were only released during the IFA, but we already knew most of the details weeks ahead thanks to various leaks. As for the OnePlus One, the handset has been released a few months ago so we naturally know everything there is to know about it.

Now, as you may or may not know, the iPhone 6 will come in two variants, namely a 4.7-inch one and a 5.5-inch model also known as the iPhone 6L. For the sake of fairness I’ll only talk about the latter during this comparison because the OnePlus One also features a 5.5-inch display so they’re equally matched as far as screed size is concerned. However, the resolution tells an entirely different story as the iPhone 6 is only said to feature a 960 x 1704 display, which amounts to about 356 PPI. There are some who speculate that we might see more, but generally speaking resolution hasn’t really been all that impressive on previous iPhone models ( the iPhone 5s only has 640 x 1136 for example) so it’s rather unlikely that we’re going to see a vast improvement.

The 5.5-inch iPhone 6 compared to its smaller 4.7-inch brother.

In any case, 960 x 1704 is still a decent upgrade over its predecessor, but it’s still not as good as the OnePlus One’s 1080 x 1920 panel with 401 PPI. However, what the iPhone 6 lacks in resolution, it more than makes up for in protection as the smartphone is said to feature a very resistant Sapphire glass display. By comparison, the OnePlus One comes equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass 3, which is good, but not good enough to beat its competitor in terms of screen protection. Worth mentioning is the fact that only the 64GB and possibly the 128GB iPhone 6 models will feature the Sapphire display. This is according to analysts who believe Apple will be testing the waters so see how consumers react to this display and only if the reaction is positive will they offer this feature on all future flagship smartphones.

Hardware-wise, the latest word on the street is that the big iPhone 6 will sport a pretty impressive Apple A8 quad-core processor running at 2.6 GHz. However, I do need to mention that this seems to be the best case scenario and we might only end up seeing a 2.0 GHz CPU. But Apple does seem interested in making its latest flagship stand out from the crowd and a powerful A8 processor will surely do the trick so I do don’t want to rule out any options here. Unfortunately we don’t know if it can beat the OnePlus One in terms of processing power under these circumstances. The OnePlus One also comes equipped with a pretty powerful CPU, namely a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-core clocked at 2.5 GHz.

So which one of them wins this round? It’s very hard to say until we hear the official specs, but the OnePlus One might have a little advantage it terms of performance as it comes equipped with 3GB of RAM while the iPhone 6 only has 2GB. Speaking of memory, – the internal storage variety this time – the latter features 16/32/64/128GB versions so there’s plenty of options to choose from. One the other hand, the OnePlus One only has 16GB and 64GB models with no microSD support, but this isn’t necessarily a disadvantage in this comparison as the iPhone 6 doesn’t feature a microSD card slot either.

No MicroSD card support on either of these bad boys unfortunately.

As for the camera, Apple was heard stating that the iPhone 6 will come equipped with the best iPhone cameras to date, but did’t reveal any further details. So, seeing as how the iPhone 5s features an 8MP primary camera, we can expect to see at least a 10MP shooter complete with various improvements along with a 2.1-MP front-facing camera. Still, the OnePlus One will probably win when it comes to the cameras seeing as how it features a 13MP primary shooter and a 5MP secondary one. Last but not least, if we’re talking hardware we must also talk about the battery. Surprisingly enough, the iPhone 6 will sport a Li-Po 2,915 mAh battery (only the large model) according to some recent leaks. But is this enough to beat the OnePlus One? It’s close, but no cigar as the OnePlus One comes equipped with a bigger Li-Po 3,100 mAh battery.

As far as the price is concerned, we can see some massive differences between the two, which will undoubtedly play an important role when deciding which of them is worth considering for a possible purchase. The OnePlus One is ridiculously cheap for what it offers with the 16GB model priced at $300 and the 64GB variant only requiring you to fork out 350 bucks. However, you will need both luck and patience to buy one because OnePlus is only selling them to people who have received an invite. Needless to say, this makes the OnePlus One extremely sought after, but not quite as much as Apple’s iPhone 6 even if the latter does cost a lot more. Pricing for the iPhone 6 is still unclear at this point, but we can expect the 5.5-inch model to cost at least $800-$850, and that’s the price for the cheapest 16GB variant. Each subsequent variant is expected to cost about $100 more, which means that the 64GB iPhone 6 will be priced at around $1000-$1050, about three times as much as the 64GB OnePlus One.

Bottom line? As it’s often the case with iOS vs Android battles, it mostly boils down to what operating system you prefer. The iPhone 6 will most likely run on the upcoming iOS 8, which will launch together with the device on September 9th. The company will add plenty of new features and apps including Healthkit and Homekit. Apple is also launching a new mobile payment system that will allow you to make purchases at various stores directly with your iPhone 6, which certainly sounds neat. The OnePlus One runs on the Android-based CyanogenMod 11S operating system, but it will update to Android L within three months after Google releases the final build according to the company. The device is pretty easy to recommend all things considered, but it’s definitely a pain to get an invite in order to purchase it. The iPhone 6 might seem a bit overrated, but the new iOS 8 does bring a number of interesting features to the tablet and you will be able to buy the device without a fuss once it’s released. Assuming you can afford to spend the ludicrous amount of money of course.

It’s really hard to argue with the price of the OnePlus One.

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  • Tino

    Great article. For me its the one plus one all the way. I broke the screen of my first one and it took me a whole month to get a invite again and for the life of me i cannot understand why they do this invite nonsense when they have so much demand. My wife is a iphone fanatic and wouldnt use this thing even if i paid her to use it. Oh and by the way check the brand Orzly for a nice glass screen protector. I would never be without one of these again on any smartphone knowing first hand how hard it is to get a screen repaired or wait for a new phone.

    • Well, they do the invite thing because they’re a pretty small company and can’t make enough of them to supply demand, or so I heard.

      • James

        I ordered my one August 14 and when I received it I saw the build date was August 9.

        • How long did it take until it arrived btw?

          • Rex Xu

            It took 3 days for me, although that’s because I missed their first delivery attempt

    • franwex

      You happen to have an extra invite by any chance? If you do let me know: [email protected]

  • Scott

    Feel you on the invite. It’s a good problem for them to have and understandable, but makes customers frustrated when no amount of effort on can guarantee an invite. oh well, back to the one plus one forum

  • m_shabbir

    Invite aside. There is also no support from Oneplus. It takes weeks for reposnses and months to do an RMA. The software is plagued with bugs like multi touch issues and call quality issues. The screen exhibits discoloration at bottom 20% of screen which is not covered by warranty.

    oplus one is a $350+ gamble. Roll dice and you might get lucky to have a device with minimal issues. Even then you still have very bad customer service to deal with.

    • yupitsrealasfck

      Wow I have a one really 2 and a few other devices and never had any issues with the phone or updates. When it first launched it had bugs but was quickly taken care of. Any time we in the community have questions they respond fast, and there is no discoloration at the bottom of the screen where are you getting that info? Also no reviews support any of your claims so its not just my say google it and all that you mentioned is never claimed as a issue. Seems like your just talking and another bias opinion smh

      • m_shabbir

        Head on over to the one plus forums on their website and visit the technical support subforum. Read and weep.
        The reviewers got cherry picked devices at no cost. What do you expect from those reviews?
        Don’t have to take my word for it.just visit their own forums.

        • John

          The one looks like shit. The iPhone is ehh. However the huawei ascend mate 7 looks like the only phone I’ve seen in a while that looks worth a shit. So let’s stop defending subpar phones.

          • Rey Garcia

            Looks? The OnePlus is by far the best looking phone you’re gonna see. Unless you really like the M8. Looks wise, those are pretty dope too.

          • Rex Xu

            The M8? the bottom is much to thick (1 inch when including onscreen buttons) which is my main issue with it. Remove the HTC logo black bar and replace it with capacitive buttons and it would be amazing

          • neonix

            You’ve got some funny tastes, haha. The One looks very nice. I know some people seem to not like the metallic trim around the screen (I personally do like it), but that’s the only complaint I’ve seen. Plus, you pop a thin TPU case or any other case on it and you don’t see the trim at all.

          • Rex Xu

            The OnePlus is sleek. I love the lack of branding on anything but the back, which leaves the entire front surface clear. It is a bit tall, but I really like capacitive buttons and it is great when watching movies.

          • John, you must really like the HTC One line of phones. (M8, M7, E8, etc.)

          • Rex Xu

            Why does HTC insist on that useless black bar that has nothing but their logo on it. Combined with the front speakers and onscreen buttons, that’s an inch off the bottom….

        • Riven

          I have a one plus (used it for almost two months) and I have NONE of the issues m shabir is talking about.

          And read his rants, he doesn’t even OWN a One plus One…

      • m_shabbir

        Yellow discoloration is the yellow banding at bottom of the screen. All Oneplus phones have it. Yours does too. You either can’t see it or you choose to ignore it maybe you use onscreen buttons to hide it. Oneplus even admit its the side effect of using a bottom lit panel with edge installed led unit. It limits backlight bleed but it also causes mor light towards the bottom which causes yellow banding at bottom of screen. View the Oneplus forums on a Oneplus phone and you will see the bottom 20% of screen is slightly a different temp than the top part. That’s because the bottom 20% is yellow! The degree of That yellowness varies per device but they all have it.
        Multiple threads on bad touch screen sensitivity and Oneplus admit there is a problem in last AMA on reddit.
        Bad call and audio recording quality. Especially the other party having trouble hearing you. Numerous threads on this issue on forum.

        The forums are also highly censored. So you prolly see a lot threads go poof. But a lot still exist. Its all on the forums….no need to make it up.

        Also look up countless stories of peoples bad RMA experiences. Weeks waiting for replies.

        • Kevgach

          You’re exaggerating a lot of your arguments. You’re equating some people having a problem with most having a problem.

          1. Not ALL oneplus ones have the yellow band. That was a problem with some units. I have two with me right now. I’ve loaded a fully white page and toggled with the brightness. Nothing of the sort. Not even a slight yellow.

          2. Touch screen sensitivity was a problem on the lockscreen after an update. It was mostly rectified days later. Some other problems exist with some users but they are a minority.

          3. Call quality. I’ve personally had no problems. I’ve done no research on the issue so I can’t be sure.

        • cloggypop

          My OPO has no yellow band and no bugs. It is a boss phone. You are talking out of your arse Sir.

          • m_shabbir

            no bugs really? even Cmod says and admits there are bugs in the OS… how did your miraculously not have any bugs defying what OS maker says?

          • cloggypop

            I must just be lucky I guess. I certainly seem to be luckier than yourself.

          • Rey Garcia

            Had it a bit longer now. Sorry m_shabbir, I tried to be fair to you… no yellow band. The only bug I can really think of is the phone doesn’t seem to like 2 of my mic’d headphones. It works great with the headphones I got with my Samsung Galaxy S4, but my skullcandy and Frends headphones, no go.

        • Rey Garcia

          shabbir, I don’t have the yellow band. Is this something that will appear over time because of a heat difference. If I had my other phone I’d take a picture cause I don’t think heat damage would show in a screenshot.

          • m_shabbir

            A screen shot will not show a hardware defect of the screen. if you are on a white page like Oneplus forums, you can see bottom 10% of the screen is a different color/hue than the top of the screen.

          • Rey Garcia

            Not on mine. Its totally white top to bottom.

        • neonix

          My One has no such yellow banding. It also has no touch issues and I’ve never had anyone complain to me about not hearing me over the phone. I also use Google Now all the time, which has no problem correctly reading my voice and detecting my words, and create voice recordings here and there, which all sound fine.

          I can attest to their email support being shit, though.

          I emailed about a battery issue, simply inquiring about the availability of a replacement battery, explaining I wanted to do this repair myself as I have no warranty on my phone because it was bought secondhand. The response then asked for my order number, which I clearly stated I didn’t have, lol. I responded, explaining to reference my original email and understand that I have no order number, and just want to know if I can buy a replacement battery. I have yet to receive any reply to that and am not holding my breath.

          But screw it, despite that, this device is amazing and well worth it.

          • Rex Xu

            They are understaffed, don’t expect an answer lol they are trying to prioritize direct orders, no hard feelings. As for replacement batteries, They are fairly easy to replace, just lift up the back cover, remove the top panel, and pop out the battery plug. No official replacements yet, but if you search on Chinese marketplaces you will find some. Good luck!

          • neonix

            Yeah, I know how to replace the battery. I repair and refurbish electronics as a side job. I just don’t trust non-OEM Chinese batteries; they typically have improper voltage, overstated capacity, and cause worse problems in the end.

            Not that I was able to find one anyway. I had searched alibaba/aliexpress and simply found no batteries for the OnePlus. But oh well. I did finally get a response from OPO support saying they don’t (won’t) sell batteries separately (of course), but my battery hasn’t been really acting up since I let it drain to 0 and completely recharge.

          • Rex Xu

            Sorry to hear that, hopefully you will be able to buy a battery in the near future from reputable OEMs. I have not had any problems with third party Chinese batteries for the previous Samsung devices that I had, but I believe those are really hit or miss on quality depending on what company is making the battery.

        • Rex Xu

          Do you have a Oneplus? Or do the handful of reviews that tell you they have it (and the regurgitation of it from bloggers) qualify as everyone?

      • Rey Garcia

        I read about the discoloration too. Not sure if they took care of it with an update because my screen looks good. I also didn’t have the touch bug I’ve read about. I wonder if these would have been bugs I had if I’d gotten one early, and subsequently they would have fixed or if they figured something out in the manufacture. In any case, so far I have few complaints. I MIGHT have a bug with Google Chrome kinda locking up if I leave a page open for a few hours… but not sure if that’s the phone or Chrome cause it might have happened on my Nexus 7 as well. Will need to test.

    • Rex Xu

      We get OTA updates every few weeks…. and I have no information about RMA because I have not had an issue with the phone. I do not have the discoloration either. Do you really own a OnePlus?

      • m_shabbir

        Went through six Oneplus phones. All had the Yellow band. If you browse the Oneplus Forums on your phone, you will see discoloration at the bottom vs the top especially the gray bars where usernames are.

        all 6 devices I had from different batch dates had the discoloration.

        I honestly believe all of them have it but not all users can spot it…

        If you think I’m bs’ing..shoot me a message and i’ll screen shot my orders for you.

        • madmatt30

          6 opo’s !! I’ll call bs on this- I’ve had 3 pass through my hands – kept a 64gb model & not one has had the discoloration issue.

          • m_shabbir

            why do you think it’s BS? I currently have 6 share invites left from ordering these Oneplus units too. I’ve gotten over 20 invites between two accounts. I have no reason to make shit up.

          • m_shabbir

            some examples… There’s a massive thread on ONeplus tech support forum, along with multiple posts of people with this. Most have just switched to using onscreen buttons to hide the yellow band.
            All phones have it to SOME degree, it’s just a side effect of using bottom lit LCD… it’s a design flaw. Oneplus is the only one using th is type of LCD.
            If you want to think you don’t have it, more power to you, I couldn’t get myself to ignore it.

          • Rex Xu

            Sorry, but I honestly do not have it. I do know that many that have bought OnePlus One’s have seen this issue and I hope less people have this issue. To say every device has it simply because you own 6 does not mean it is 100% accurate, it is possible you are very unlucky (sorry).

            If it is true that all devices have it to some degree, then mine is to the point where it is undetectable.

  • GGB

    I will never understand how articles like this can be written comparing two phones, when one hasn’t even been released. It’s a bunch of specs that are being speculated on, but beyond that, it’s the user experience that makes a phone.

  • Wow. iPhony finally get’s a bigger screen. Welcome to 2012, Apple! I remember when iPhone’s had a camera but would not allow you to send picture text messages. Finally, they “allowed” you to send picture messages. Too bad you still cannot buy the OnePlus one directly from the manufacturer. You must buy it from a Scalper charging $100 to $150 more. So no matter how great the OnePlus One is… if you can’t buy one, it might as well not exist. I got tired of waiting for this phone in July, so I got an HTC One M8 32GB and I am very happy with that phone.

    • Rey Garcia

      I’ve had my OnePlus for about 2wks now. It’s a beast. Coming off the S4 which was kind of awesome itself. I can dig everything you’re saying about the invites which sound like a total hassle. I got lucky because one of our engineers is a dev and he got invites for our group so mine just kind of fell into my lap. I have never been happier with my device… even with the S4 running pac rom on a custom kernal I don’t think it ever matched this. I thought the one drawback would be that I love the camera on the Samsung. But I’m pleasantly surprised by my OnePlus’ photos so far. I’m going to use the camera to take pics of funny people who overpay for the the iphone. 🙂

      • netsrock2005

        any chance i can get an invite? I will definitely be purchasing the phone if given the opportunity. thanks for your consideration. if you do have an extra invite, my email is [email protected]

        • Rey Garcia

          Nets, sorry man. I’m fresh out. Believe it or not, you’re the first to ask so if I had one you’d get it.

      • Steve Lam

        I also have a OnePlus One. I’ve had it for a little under a month. And yes, it’s a beast! Not only that, the battery life is AMAZING! It’s fast and the speed and navigation are smooth as silk. Android is where it’s at, and since I now truly own my phone (unlocked) and own my OS (open source), this device is definitely “No Compromises.”

        • Kyle

          It is Cyanogenmod that does the magic. I like it because they removed Google’s bloatware and allowed me to change a lot of performance settings.

      • Rex Xu

        I see you are into flashing, I highly recommend Mahdi for your OnePlus. I currently run it. You do lose the ability to shoot 4k video (which I never used) and ClearImage (which made photos to large to upload anyways, but I miss it). but Mahdi has incredibly high level of customization and features built in. I feel like it is a merge between Paranoid Android and Cyanogenmod (It does run Trebuchet and includes the entire feature set of cyanogen plus some from paranoid.)

        EDIT: I downloaded the CM11s Camera APK off the XDA forums, so 4k video recording is working, but clearimage is still not working properly and still can’t record at 1080p with front camera.

    • Rex Xu

      Sorry to tell you this, but I bought it direct. Using it personally, it is very worth the reviews, and people exaggerate the process of getting one.

  • Iphoneadopteer

    Who wrote this article. Anyone with smartphone knowledge know that you can’t directly compare an android smartphone with Apple; the over clocking CPU and ram used in Android phones are there because of the screen resolution and logistical structure of Android. But it doesn’t make it superior to Apple. The different integration of software and hardware in IPhones makes it possible to use less ram and fewer cores. Plus the gpu is superior on Apples devices. Something most people don’t point out is the One plus doesn’t utilize all four cores at once for tasks; Only two cores are essentially used for most activities. And the overclocking CPU is too over locked.

    • I’ll have to say, I do not know where you are going with this. you kinda said Apple CPU=Android CPU (when not using all cores). Tell Apple to become Open Source and I will consider. Meanwhile, in Android Land, many developers strive to make the mighty Android better and better everyday. Apple has highs and lows (high= loyal customers and a colorful and simple OS, now taking a big step into health electronic products like heart monitors and such, low=pricing almost everything, being considered the most “profitable” just because they price everything high for a low quality device, low quality referring to every device before 5s including 5c) and Android has its high and lows, (high= high spec hungry with devices that can be very affordable, assortment of companies, so a wide selection of devices, backed by the God of Search Engines, and dev friendly, low= single-core performance is usually low, devices come out like every 3 months, so it’s almost impossible to keep up with the top contender, which is LG G3 right now soon to be Note 4, lack of simplicity, and what everyone brings up first but I never had a problem with: security.) so don’t compare the two. It’s not even worth it when, in the end, it is all a matter of opinion.

    • SlothWonder

      You sheep…..$1000 dollars and you could build or buy yourself a decent gaming pc that is a waste just for a phone no matter how nice it is or who is building it especially when you could have a oneplus one(compareable specs which unlike you say are compareable) for $300

    • Rex Xu

      Well it is impossible to say they are equal either. Consider the OnePlus One is $350 for the 64 GB. Android may have excessive specs, but Apple has an excessive price.

      If I were to choose, it would be “More than I need for less” over “Less than I get for more”

    • Mike Curtis

      Android phones have higher resolution and true multitasking.

    • Mr U Turn

      This says it all


      • Kyle

        Somehow the phone that bends reminds me of Samsung’s revenues from a last few quarters.

    • Joseph Kool

      There just phones why do you let it bother you so much?

  • Vamsi

    Can you update this now with the actual iPhone 6 specs?

    • Point is, you guys lose in the spec battle, but somehow, you win with the mentally retarded OS.

      • Rex Xu

        The OS isn’t bad. My mother is pretty much locked in the ecosystem now. Great marketing on Apple’s part, but from an Android user’s perspective, it is extremely limiting.