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Experts say PC is the future for gaming


Here we go again with the never ending discussion on Console versus PC gaming. It is clear by now that gaming enthusiasts will never be on the same page on this one, but let’s hear what the experts have to say. In a Games Retail 2020 event which took place in London, major research firm, Juniper shared its thoughts on the gaming industry in the UK. The company experts say that by 2019, PC will easily surpass both console and smartphone devices in gaming preferred platform by players. It is believed that the PC and console gaming market will be taking in a booming revenue of over $41.2 billion by 2019, but it is predicted that the console will be by then on its way out.

The gaming industry is constantly on the rise, being considered one of the main entertainment industries in the world. Looks like Juniper thinks that PC gaming will be at the peak of this industry leading the way in the long run. They predict that in 5 years time the gaming console as we know it will only account for less than 2 % of the gaming market, and by 2019 will only be a memory. Experts believe that the reason for this is the much higher level of support, extensive customization possibility, and overall greater practicability of the PC. They also think that PC will be accompanied by the smartphone device on the gaming world market.

These new gaming consoles have just been able to see life outside the box, showcasing state of the art performance, but Juniper experts say this is just a fluke. The also snub at future generation consoles scheduled to appear in 6 years time, stating that Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will have to cut many corners to keep up with the threat of revolutionary gaming devices which are starting to become increasingly popular, cheaper and easier to update and customize. Examples in that sense are already given by Amazon’s Fire TV, or the Apple console concept. So far, it is hard to say if their gaming assessments are accurate as the gaming console is currently holding on without any hick ups.

I for one would hate to see the gaming console go, and I’m sure that many people feel the same way.

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