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Titanfall IMC Rising DLC details revealed

Respawn Entertainment revealed several details about the next downloadable map pack for Titanfall. The DLC is called “IMC Rising” and it will be released later this year. The pack contains three different maps to choose from.

The first map is called “Zone 18” and it is a robotics lab. According to the developers, in this map almost all the roofs are of the same height, so that players won’t be able to get to the highest ground as tactical advantage. The robotics factory is an open and spacious map that forces players to meet each other.

In contrast with Zone 18, the second map, “Backwater”, features a lot of elevation changes, with lots of high points that allow players to get the upper ground. It also contains large underground grain storage facilities that pilots can use to escape and move between hardpoints. This map was part of the first concept art shown for the game.

Last but not least, there is going to be a desert wasteland map, called “Sand Trap”. It contains rolling dunes that serve as a battle ground. In the center of the map, there is an old bunker, where pilots can hide from the Titans above and fight each other. The map also contains trenches along its sides, allowing pilots to wall-run around. However, the trenches contain unrefined oil at the bottom, meaning that missing a jump is deadly for the players.

Titanfall: IMC Rising is the third content pack released for the game. It is available either individually, for $9.99, or as part of the Season Pass. Those who purchased the Season Pass get the previous two DLC’s, “Expedition” and “Frontier’s Edge”, as well as IMC Rising for $24.99. The DLC’s are available, just like the game, for Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. IMC Rising doesn’t have a release date yet, but it is confirmed that it will be out sometime this year.

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