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Apple University going to China
Apple University going to China

Apple University going to China

Apple University is a program that Steve Jobs developed and was launched in 2008. It is a school that shares the Apple culture and history, so that people can learn the timeline and history of various Apple products, including the iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac computers. The Apple University wants to help executives learn how to think like Steve Jobs did before his untimely demise. Apple University brings teachers and executives, as well as students and youngsters together to learn about product management, as well as business plans and strategies.

Apple is planning to move the Apple University to China, and the company is currently interviewing candidates for the Dean of the university. Currently, classes and seminars are already being run in China. Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai are the main headquarters of the Apple University and China, and the company is already flying in teachers to the cities in order to hold classes and seminars for those interested. The Apple University in China will host different types of courses that should be tailored to the Chinese audience, focusing on retailers, engineers and manufacturers. Apple University is supposed to be the alternative version of the Cupertino company in China. According to rumors, the goal of the Apple University in China is to train executives and engineers that would work for the company in the future.

China is slowly becoming one of the favorite places of Apple and with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus launch, the company hopes to gather more and more fans in the country. Bringing Apple University to China is an attempt to get Chinese customers closer to Apple and its products, since China is currently the biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world, and is the home of many companies and OEMs that pose a threat to Apple. Apple University in China marks a key step in the development and expansion of the company and it is the first time it has expanded the program to a region outside of the U.S.

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