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Using the Galaxy Note 4 display in direct sunlight
Using the Galaxy Note 4 display in direct sunlight

Galaxy Note 4 sales outdo those of the Note 3 in the U.S. and EU

The Galaxy Note 4 is the newest phablet launched by Samsung and once it was unveiled at IFA Berlin, it had already gathered a sizeable amount of fans. After its rollout began, the Galaxy Note 4 became one of the most acclaimed handsets of the year. Many reviewers, tech enthusiasts and journalists, as well as members of tech communities are saying that the Galaxy Note 4 is the best smartphone of the year, and implicitly the best smartphone Samsung has ever created. Sales of the new flagship reflect the massive success of the phablet, even though Samsung revenues have declined in Q4.

Galaxy Note 4 sales reports from company execs depict that the new flagship has sold many more units in the U.S. and the European Union than its predecessor had last year. While Galaxy Note 3 sales weren’t unimpressive, its successor has sold a considerably larger amount of units. Samsung executives have detailed with pride that the Galaxy Note 4 hit the 4.5 million sales mark in just a month after its official September 26 release. While that is an impressive number, the official sales report for Q4 of Samsung didn’t turn out so shiny, with dropping revenues for the Galaxy line.

The Galaxy Note 4 kept Samsung’s numbers up for a while, but the company has to up its pace and revise what they are doing if they want to experience success with the Galaxy line in the future. With regard to these reports, Samsung has announced that Project Zero aka the Samsung Galaxy S6 would be a completely redesigned version of the flagship. We have already heard some rumors about what the Galaxy S6 might look like, but the Korean company hasn’t confirmed are speculations yet. Nonetheless, it’s great to see that such a high-end and expensive smartphone like the Galaxy Note 4 is one of the best selling devices on the market. It kind of leaves us wondering how many of you have sacrificed and got the flagship with a 2 year binding contract. I’m sure you guys are already used to our negative views on contracts, but they can be useful in many instances. ¬†With the pretty expensive Galaxy Note 4, it would be hard for anybody to cash out $800 or even more in order to get an unlocked version.

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