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Prynt turns your phone into a printer
Prynt turns your phone into a printer

Prynt turns your phone into a printer

While I’m sure we’ve all heard of extravagant phone cases, Prynt is among those that are not only for show, but have great practical value. Prynt is a phone case that will not only protect your phone, but it will print your photos and can even make videos from hard-copy photos. Even though Prynt is still a prototype and it’s actually quite bulky and cumbersome, it still represents a good alternative to buying expensive printers and machines.

Prynt calls the phone case “the next generation of Polaroid for iPhone and Android” and will soon launch a crowd funding campaign for the case on Kickstarter. We are not sure how the bulky design will sit with smartphone users these days, but if Prynt can fit in a pocket, all should be well in the end. The phone case works on a plug and play basis and once you select a photo, you can easily ask Prynt to Polaroid the hell out of it. You won’t need internet or Bluetooth to use the phone case, so that’s definitely a plus for the device.

If you decide that Prynt is something you would want, you should know that it takes the case 30 seconds to print a photo. Besides being able to instantly print photos, the Prynt phone case can also record a video whenever you take a photo thanks to its augmented reality feature. It’s a neat process and it makes me think about games which slap you with cut-scenes when you discover something. When you take a photo and print it with the Prynt case, the device simultaneously records a video. Then, if you point the phone at the printed photo, Prynt will automatically bring up the video it took when you took the photo.

What’s even more interesting is that the augmented reality feature in Prynt works with multiple users. That means that if you give the photo to friends or send it as a postcard, if the recipient has a Prynt smartphone case, they will be able to see the secret video hidden “within” the photo. Prynt will sell the phone case for $99 once it hits Kickstarter early in 2015. The photo paper sheet will set you back 30 cents and the case can hold up to ten sheets of paper. The case has its own battery which will be good for printing about 30 photos. What do you think about Prynt? Is it a smartphone case that you would love to have or just a novelty for hipsters?

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