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Destiny The Dark Below DLC opening Cinematic Leak
Destiny The Dark Below DLC opening Cinematic Leak

Destiny The Dark Below DLC opening Cinematic Leak

The opening Cinematic to The Dark Below DLC pack for Bungie’s huge online shooter Destiny has leaked online. The description in the video from a user called MrJester6598 explains “This is the opening cinematic for the Dark Below DLC out next month. I can not explain how to get access to this video on the game as it was due to an error that I was able to see this.”

When Destiny was launched, The Dark Below was datamined from a subsequent patch. Destiny as a full game felt pretty sparse for content so more is welcome. One main complaint about Destiny was its lack of real story, so hopefully this first add on will have that. More varied missions would also be a nice addition as most of Destiny is linear shoot outs with not very diverse enemies. Bungie recently came out stating the average gamer plays Destiny for three hours a day so clearly the game has garnered a strong fan base no doubt keen for more content.

Destiny was released in September to middling reviews and while garnering a strong user base, it was lacking in content. The Dark Below looks to change that with boosting the level cap to 32, with new weapons, strike and raid missions and hopefully a decent story to tell. Bungie and developer Activation look to support this franchise for the next ten years, with intentions of it being the defining series of this console generation. With a sequel already announced it’s hopeful this franchise will grow into something more than just a series of linear grind missions. The Dark Below is probably the first of many DLC packs that looks to add to a game which currently feels pretty sparse on worthwhile content (unless you’re into grinding the same missions many times). The Dark Below is set for a release on December 9. Lets hope it can revitalize the game.

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