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Tales from the Borderlands is Out Now!
Tales from the Borderlands is Out Now!

Tales from the Borderlands is Out Now

Tales from the Borderlands is out now on PC and Mac and for those in the US on Playstation 3 and 4. This news comes directly from the developer Telltale’s official Twitter page. December 3 is the date for European Playstation users. Xbox 360 players also have to wait to December 3 but Xbox One users wherever in the world can play it now.

Tales of the Borderlands is the first non First Person Shooter game in the Borderlands series. It takes place after the events of Borderlands 2 and follows Rhys who works for series villain Handsome Jack’s company Hyperion that is stationed on a giant “H” shaped ship orbiting the Earth in front of the moon. Rhys is keen to prove himself and move up in the company from Head Janitor. So he goes down to Pandora in search for a vault key it seems.

Telltale have been on a role of late with their adventure game, from The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us to the new Game of Thrones series coming next month. Tales from the Borderlands is set to be more comedic than these other titles they have lined up. Featuring the voice talents of  Troy Baker and Nolan North (are they in every game?) amongst others. Borderlands the Pre-Sequel came out last month and told the origin stories of Handsome Jack and his cronies. Tails of the Borderlands in terms of story is a sort of side story sequel it seems and judging by the trailer seems to involve Handsome Jack, which is curious considering where we left him in Borderlands 2.

Borderlands the series is one the most popular First Person Shooters that helped the developer Gearbox rise, the games typically feature strong comedy with a firefly type feel along with millions of guns. This story adventure game will be a nice change for the series.

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