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Naughty Dog Has "Something" for The Game Awards
Naughty Dog Has "Something" for The Game Awards

Naughty Dog Has “Something” For The Game Awards

Naughty Dog, the studio behind The Last of Us and the Uncharted series, seems to be anticipating the upcoming Game Awards. Creative Director Neil Druckmann claims that his studio will be presenting “something” at the awards show next week.

Taking to Twitter, Neil Druckmann stated that something the studio will be showing off has him excited. He wrote: “Saw a sneak peek of something that’s happening at @thegameawards that has me very excited. Can’t wait. See you on Friday, Vegas.” Though there is always the chance that we could see something new, we will most likely be getting a look at Naughty Dog’s upcoming PS4 title Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. We may end up seeing gameplay of the title, and finally get a glimpse of what Naughty Dog’s latest game looks like in action. Also, Naughty Dog won’t be the only ones with news at the awards. Hideo Kojima will also be showing off Metal Gear Online as well (you can read about that here).

Naughty Dog’s newest project, Uncharted 4, is set for a 2015 release. The title was first teased at the end of last year, with a cinematic trailer seeing release during this year’s E3. The game is set several years after Uncharted 3, and will star now retired fortune hunter Nathan Drake. Drake finds himself in an adventure in pursuit of a historical conspiracy behind a fabled pirate treasure. Naughty Dog says the plot will be “his greatest adventure yet and will test his physical limits, his resolve, and ultimately what he’s willing to sacrifice to save the one’s he loves.” In March of 2014, it was announced that writer and creative director Amy Hennig had left Naughty Dog, leaving both Druckmann and Bruce Straley to lead the project.

The Game Awards take place on December 5th in Las Vegas. That same weekend Sony is holding the PlayStation Experience. It looks like next weekend will be quite busy for Sony fans.

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