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Amiibo Manufacturing Errors
Amiibo Manufacturing Errors

Amiibo Manufacturing Errors

Nintendo has run into some Amiibo manufacturing errors, specifically with Princess Peach and Samus Aran figurines. The Amiibos became available last on November 21, the same day Super Smash Bros for Wii U became available. Sales data has not yet been released but social media was ablaze that weekend with many on the internet publishing pictures of their collection and the various Amiibos availability at sstores. Of course due to the large amount of Amiibos being made, there are bound to be some errors occurring. The most noticeable errors have been the Princess Peach Amiibo being sold without her legs and the Samus Aran Amiibo being sold with two gun-arms.

Recently the Samus Aran Amiibo with two cannons instead of one sold for $2,500. For comparison, Amiibo’s cost $12.99 from most retailers. About 19 different bidders all competed over the rare Samus Amiibo before the final price was settled. The seller was very happy with his decision to sell the figure instead of keeping it or donating it, since he has made a profit of about $2487 in one day. Working a minimum wage job would take about 301 hours or 12 days to make that kind of money.

However Samus isn’t the only figure to be subjected to Amiibo manufacturing errors. A picture of Princess Peach was recently posted where Peach has no legs. The figure was sold at Best Buy, the same store to sell the Samus defect. A figure with similar defect is currently on Ebay running at $152.50. Previously Gamespot reported that the figure had reached bids of $3,500 but was being mainly pushed by a buyer with no previous history.

The Amiibos launched alongside Super Smash Bros for Wii U and are a feature that allows players to store AI characters onto the Amiibo for use in training, Smash battles and against other Amiibo or human players. Their use hasn’t been very significant and the Amiibos interactivity with other games on the Wii U have also been somewhat lacking. You can purchase figures from the first wave for $12.99 with the second wave arriving later this month.

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