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LG G4 proves more important than the LG G3 Pro as the latter gets cancelled

The LG G4 is still several months away from launch, but apparently LG have decided that it’s already time to focus on the smartphone and leave some of their other projects behind. Word on the street is that the tech giant is abandoning the G Pro series in order to pour all its resources into the upcoming flagship. In other words, the LG G3 Pro is unlikely to see the light of day anymore. The device was meant to make its way to the market in just a matter of months and potentially serve as a competitor to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 due to its similar screen size. However, it was unlikely that LG’s offering would have been seen as a good alternative to the highly acclaimed phablet, which is why the company ultimately decided that it should focus on the LG G4 instead.

Furthermore, the G Pro Series effectively became obsolete once the LG G3 launched. The company’s flagship for 2014 features a very impressive 5.5-inch display that’s pretty much up to par with the one featured on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Presumably, the G3 Pro was meant to come equipped with a 5.9-inch panel of similar resolution, which is not that much bigger all things considered. By comparison, the G2 Pro’s 5.9-inch display was quite a bit larger than the regular G2’s 5.2-inch screen. While having a bigger device made a lot of sense back then, that’s not the case anymore with the arrival of the LG G4.

Rumor has it that the LG G4 might sport an even bigger display than its predecessor which could potentially be very similar if not identical in size to that of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. In short, the LG G3 Pro doesn’t serve a purpose anymore if LG already has a good competitor in the form of the LG G4.

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